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A Plan!

According to my Lose It app if I eat 1228 calories a day I can reach my goal weight of 139 lbs. by my birthday, April 29. Of course, that was a week ago so I guess May 6 would be the new date. I know I need to follow a low carb plan so consulting my favorite low carb website ( I have picked Protein Power Lifeplan since it is one of the many books in my weight loss collection that I haven’t actually followed before. Start tomorrow, will keep up-to-date.

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I have been super busy the past two months. I haven’t even had time to obsess about my diet. I always make time for that. At least the past 8 years I have. I always joke my hobby is going on a diet and haven’t really been on one for awhile. I feel strange. I have been reading the 80/10/10 diet for several weeks and I feel good when I do it, but dammit I just don’t like fruit. I haven’t even been able to eat an entire bunch of bananas in a week. I have tried twice. I have let oranges, grapefruit, pears, and a papaya rot. Pitiful.

I have, however, eaten plenty of my new favorite food: Betty Lou’s Peanut Butter powder. It has 1.5g of fat per serving and it is pretty darn good. Probably not real food, but it has helped keep those pesky 3 lbs off that want to hang around.

I usually start off the year with a master cleanse. At least that is what I have done the past four years. Not this year though. Not in the mood. And that’s nothing new.