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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

I am very confident to almost certain I passed my AFAA Group Exercise exam yesterday. I was buggin’ because I didn’t finish my study guide until Saturday night (around 11 pm) in my hotel room. But alas, the exam was pretty straight forward and most of the questions were easy, just a few tricky ones. The practical exam was actually far more stressful. Long day, I got there at 8:30 and didn’t finish up til 6:30.  And then the three hour drive back home from Birmingham. But a satisfying drive home it was.

The Bad

Zumba. Last week was an all-time low. No Monday class due to Labor Day, two people on Tuesday, zero on Thursday, and one on Friday. Then to top off the week I messed up four of my five routines at the Zumbathon. I was pretty disappointed with my performance overall. Hopefully things will look up this week, as my new Zumba job starts tomorrow. I will still be teaching at Curves but now I will be teaching a one hour Zumba only class at a real gym. Expectations are we will add an additional class on Thursday evenings in a few weeks.

The Ugly

Today’s weigh-in: 169.0 lbs.

Why? How? My best guess (other than the obvious eating too much and too little exercise) is dairy and carbs. I have been eating a lot of yogurt and some gluten free mozzarella sticks I recently discovered. Additionally, trying to follow the T plan I bought some LF Lactose Free Organic Milk for protein shakes. Clearly I am not doing well on the dairy. So, I will cut that out this week and see if that makes a difference. And I have overdosed on raw coconut macaroons and pecans so those need to go, too. I won’t panic since I am known to gain 2-5 lbs from incorrect foods with all of my food sensitivities. I may have to cut the eggs out too, but I will see. I will be weighing myself everyday this week.

In other news…

The Zumba Basic 2 training I wanted to go to in Atlanta is sold out. I am not bummed though. For starters, I am missing two Sundays this month already (AFAA training yesterday and Zumba Toning training 9/25). Missing another Sunday next month is probably not a good idea. Secondly, after driving to Birmingham this week, a 3.5 hr drive to Atlanta isn’t appealing. Besides, the consensus on Basic 2 training is to wait at least six months after Basic 1 training anyway and October 30 would be just four months for me. I am perfectly happy to wait until a closer one comes along and I still need to master the four steps I learned in B1.

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Going Back to What Works

Today’s Weigh-In: 165.0 lbs

Holding steady with my seven pound weight loss from July. Unfortunately, August came and went with no weight loss. On to September we go. As I was writing my last blog post it was evident to me that I must follow the Body Type Plan from Dr. Abravanel’s book. How pitiful of me to know what works and choose not to follow it. Or to run away in search of some shortcut to a thinner me. Tonight I bought eggs and Lactose-Free Organic LF Milk. I am starting the Thyroid Type plan (which I will refer to as the T plan from now on) tomorrow. I have consulted the book for the proper supplements to take and I settled on the following: Garden of Life Perfect Weight Multivitamin, Enzymatic Therapy Doctor’s Choice for Diabetics, and Lifetime Osteo Density Blend. After consulting my Stop Prediabetes Now book by Jack Challem (personally autographed, BTW) I have decided to use Bluebonnet Branched Chain Aminos, Garden of Life Raw COQ10, and L-carnitine before I work out.

Right now, my plan is to eat eggs for breakfast with Raspberry Leaf Tea and have a sugar-free protein shake in milk at night for supper. I will cut down, and hopefully cut out, snacking. I will focus on lunch later. For now, I will stay away from grain.

Thyroid Type plenty foods: Lowfat Dairy, Eggs & Poultry, Fresh Vegetables, Fish & Shellfish

Moderation Foods: Fruit, Vegetable Oil &  Butter, Legumes & Whole Grains, Red Meat & Organ Meats

Rarely: Sugar, Caffeine, Refined Grains

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