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21 Day Sugar Detox


Today is day 17 of a 21-day Sugar Detox. I was eating way too much sugar and carbs and breaking out and still annoyed with the pesky three or four pounds so I decided to give it a whirl. The book I’m following (featured above) has three paleo-based plans. I took the test and tested for plan #2. Strangely enough, Plan #2 is the only one of the three plans that allows dairy – no restrictions on the amount as long as it is full-fat and unsweetened, of course. All meats and nuts are allowed except peanuts and cashews. The “NO” list consists of grains, beans, starchy vegetables and sweeteners of any kind including stevia 😦 The only fruits allowed are Granny Smith apples, pink grapefruit, and green bananas and only one fruit a day is allowed. No protein powders are acceptable except unflavored (and unsweetened) whey or hemp protein. No plant milks are allowed except canned coconut milk or homemade almond milk. All of this is very strict but it’s been manageable and I’ve been pretty creative. However, I have completely overdone the dairy and I have a few pimples to show for it. Weight has remained pretty much the same which is disappointing but considering I’ve been above 3,000 calories most days I’m lucky I haven’t gained five pounds.

All in all, I like the paleo way of eating and if I cut out dairy and curb the nut intake I think maybe I can finally get the scale moving. It’s so frustrating when you are so close to your goal. For me, carb intake is half the battle, calories is the other.

Interesting read on dairy products & acne:Dr. Mark Hyman blog post

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