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Jumping off the Beachbody Train

So, now my Beachbody account has been suspended and three days from now it will be terminated. Wait a second, while I go cry. Boo-freaking-hoo! I hate MLM! I don’t have $150/month to waste on this nonsense. I like Shakeology but not for $99/month. I have a bazillion protein shakes at my disposal at my health food store. I have never liked the weekly fee Beachbody charges you for “Team Beachbody”. It’s a racket. Congratulations to people who have time to sell this stuff. I don’t have time and I definitely don’t have money to waste. I will still do my ChaLEAN Extreme and when I finish next month, I will still buy Insanity and maybe eventually P90X. But I will buy it used off Amazon or (goodness forbid) Ebay. When I signed up for Beachbody, it was my intent to sign the store up under me and sell Beachbody products at the store. It wasn’t until after I had already signed up that I found out you weren’t allowed to sell their products in retail establishments. I am moving on. Maybe, I should look into Jillian’s new Body Revolution.

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Digging myself deeper and deeper

I put up some Shakeology packets for sale on ebay again, but I was too lazy to take a picture of my box so I used a shakeology pic off the internet. My auctions were at $45 and $31 when Beachbody took down my auctions. One had less than 23 hours remaining. I was pretty mad. I took a picture of my box and promptly put them back up and since I was mad, I put up a third listing. thi s morning I find an email rom the “Compliance” Department stating I was violating my coach areement by selling products on ebay. and if I continued my coach account would be suspended if I continued and they carbon copied my coach. Well now, I”m pissed. Suspend my account. That would save me $150/month. I can buy any workout I want at the coach price off Amazon anyway. Good luck policing that Beachbody. I am too broke to care. I need the money. I cancelled my autoship with Beyond Organic. Network marketing companies are just money pits.

In other news, I didn’t show up for my Piloxing class this morning. I woke up late and since I haven’t had a soul ever in eight weeks, I figured why bother. So I didn’t. Pretty unclassy, I know, but I am getting pretty frustrated with the attendance at the studio. Including my Zumba Toning class. Breaking even just isn’t going to get it much longer, I need to start turning a profit or I am going to let it go. Getting all of these certifications isn’t looking like such a bright idea right now.

On the bright side, I may be able to graduate a year earlier. A class opened up this summer that allows me to take the senior sequence in the fall. I am crossing my fingers that all falls right in the spring. I go back and forth about the wisdom in going back to school with it crippling me financially. But I am reasonably confident, I made the right decision. I will know in a couple of years…

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The Weight Loss Industry and the Dr. Oz Effect

In the last two months our store has been inundated with requests for Raspberry Ketones, CLA, 7-Keto DHEA, Saffron extract, Safflower Oil/SafSlim, Relora, and Forskolin. All mentioned on the Dr. Oz show as some kind of magic bullet. I have been in the health food industry since my family opened our 23 years ago this month. I have seen all kind of weight loss crazes, including Herbal Phen-Fen, but nothing like this. Saffron has been out of stock since February. We haven’t been able to get Relora in a month and we can’t keep Safslim on our shelves for more than a week because Rebody (the manufacturers), can’t keep up with demand. 90% of the people coming through the door to buy these products have never been in a health food store and aren’t the least bit interested in anything else we have to offers. We have sold hundreds of some of these items and who knows how many more we could have sold but we have spent most of the time being out of stock. It’s insane. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL FOR WEIGHT LOSS, IF SO I WOULD BE AT LEAST 35 LBS LIGHTER! It’s doesn’t matter what we say to preserve the reputation of our store and our industry, the Great Oz has spoken. As retailers, we get no warnings as to what will be on the show and neither do our vendors and when they are alerted those products don’t catch fire, it’s always some obsure product that you have 2 or 3 bottles of and you are sold out before the show has even finished airing. It is amazing to watch people put so much hope and promise into a $20-30 bottle of pills. When will it finally sink in? Weight loss is hard work, you either put in the effort or you stay fat. [/rant]

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Biting off more than I can chew

I am exhausted. Saturday was Aqua Zumba training. Fun and I am excited to start teaching it soon, but it wore me out.  Teaching four days a week combined with ChaLEAN Extreme is taking a toll, too. I have had a hard time all week getting my Push circuits in, I have just been so tired.  I have managed to get them all in but not my Burn Intervals and Burn it Off, but with all the cardio I do, I think I am okay. I am trying to get myself ALL sugar even agave, so I put last month’s Shakeology shipment on Ebay. I love the flavors but they have fructose and that is not helping the cause. The Tropical flavor isn’t sweetened with Fructose so I am going to try that out, plus it’s vegan and my body isn’t always crazy about whey. Chalene isn’t kidding about being hungry all the time with the weight training. I wake up starving and it’s maddening. I am adopting the eating every 2-3 hours philosophy. I finally have an excuse to snack, YES!

I finally got my Record of completion for Turbo Kick. It arrived with my PiYo certificate. Add that to my Aqua cert from Saturday and I now have SEVEN certifications. Whew! I start teaching Turbo Kick Thursday, of course, no one will probably show but I have still got to be ready. This means I need to tear myself away the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle Fire (I’m in book #3, Mockingjay) and get working.

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