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Looking at diet books again on Amazon. Remember the picture from last week. Perhaps I should call this blog dietbookjunkie. Lyle McDonald pretty much sums up this uselessness of diet books in this blog:

It’s all so frustrating. Seven years I had the greatest success of my life on a diet following Dr. Abravanel’s Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan. I am a Thyroid Type. Eggs every morning, some whole grains, no fruits, no sugar. I went from a size 8 to a size 2 and I felt great. I went to sleep every night at the same time. I woke every morning without an alarm clock. The book finally got me off sugar and I was a disciple of the plan for a year and half. Then my life blew up. I developed an intolerance to gluten, and as a result I have never been able to eat eggs consistently. I work around food all day and it has been a struggle to stick with anything for more than a day, let alone weeks at a time.

I am thinking that I should follow the T-type diet again. In fact, considering that I am working on a Dietetics degree to become a registered dietician, I might make a good Body Type Counselor. I really believe in metabolic typing so I really should give it another try.

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Obsessed, Ashamed, Lost

Since I first realized I was fat in 1993 I have tried dozens of diets and hundreds of diet supplements. Thousands of dollars and hours wasted trying to like my reflection in the mirror. I am sick of diets, but mostly I am sick of failing on diets. I am addicted to food. I can give up sugar but I will replace it with something else. I need a replacement that isn’t food. I am stopping all of my useless diet supplements. My plan is to drink Almased shakes for the next week. I am not looking any further into the future than that, just the next seven days. A teaspoon of Udo’s oil with each shake. I will take no supplements other than DopaBean (for dopamine) and 5HTP w/St. John’s Wort (for serotonin). I’ll take BarleyGreen and drink Zevia if I think I’m about to die. It’s time to stop whining about my weight and get in gear.

I signed up for Twitter tonight, @sugarcop

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The Highs and Lows

Yesterday I shut off my alarm at 5 AM. I promptly went back to sleep. I woke up later at 6:42. I was supposed to be teaching Zumba at 6:30. I felt bad, horrible actually. I knew it would happen sooner or later but how selfish for me to try get an extra thirty minutes of sleep at the sacrifice of sleeping through my class. I feel like a failure and a bad instructor. On the complete flip side, my Zumba interview last Wednesday went great as did my audition this morning. It was so nice to teach a class of thirty people just Zumba without Curves machines getting in the way. I did think I looked fat in the mirror while I was teaching though. Still trying to see 150 something on the scale. (SIGH)

My food addiction is rearing its ugly head. I just can’t resist a handful of this or a spoonful of that. I don’t know what happened to my self control but it is gone. I hope to find it soon, preferably tomorrow…

Maybe I’m not such a good Zumba instructor…

Only two people showed up today. Only two people showed up yesterday. This is the third straight week of low attendance in my Zumba classes. I haven’t seen people who came when I first started teaching which definitely is not a good sign. I have an interview for a group exercise job tomorrow. Cross my fingers, say a prayer. I need a boost in self-esteem. I enjoyed teaching Zumba so much but it really kills my buzz when no one shows up. I have only heard good things from my students and the staff members, but I don’t know. I am beginning to doubt myself.

Single Digit Pants

In April I bought some size 8 pants off the clearance rack. At that point I was just fitting into size 10 pants. They have been hanging on my closet door for months and today they fit!! It has been five and half years since I have been able to wear single digit pants. I had fit into a size 8 dress a few months ago but pants is really exciting. Especially since I weigh about ten pounds more than I did when I was formerly a size 8. Must be muscle 😉

Back on Track

Today’s Weigh In: 165.0 lbs

I’ve added Almased back in lieu of my night Vega and that has helped. I am definitely not loving the berry Vega, the other three flavors are much better, but I am mixing it with Strawberry Ultra Energy Shake and it is very good that way and seems more filling too. CPR Training class went well Monday, the instructor had a great sense of humor. I am now certified in Adult CPR and AED. Zumba is on the Today Show this morning, maybe this will excite some more people to try my class. I am LOVING teaching Zumba, I don’t think I have ever had more fun.

Disaster Week

Today’s Weigh-In: 168.5 lbs

I completely fell apart last week. Pecans, Walnuts, Banana Chips, cheese, and yesterday, carob almonds. I must get back on track. All the warm fuzzies from last week’s weigh-in are completely gone. I can’t believe I let my self gain three pounds. I was 165.5 lbs on Tuesday morning. I deserve it, I was a complete failure last week. And my clothes were just starting to get loose. Today starts the Dormition Fast for my church, it is an excellent time to refocus and get back on track. If I stop eating in secret, I would really solve my problem. I am just disappointed, I was so close to the 160 lb milestone. Now my chances of seeing the 150s this month probably won’t happen 😦