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I Work Out

Monday, I taught my first Aqua Zumba. There was no sound system. An ipod dock with tiny speakers arrived at 5:45, 15 minutes after my class was supposed to start. I forgot half of my choreography, although the six students who took the class probably couldn’t tell. I liked some of the routines, but overall it still needs a lot of work and I have about three weeks before the class goes live.

Tuesday, I taught 3 Zumba classes. Subbed for the morning instructor and then my two regular classes. Poor attendance in all three. May is a tough month in the fitness world.

Wednesday, I taught my second turbo class. This time I had two students, one of whom got really confused in the punches & kick section. I have been doing Round 47, which is the round I learned at training but I didn’t like the lyrics in the punches section so I have been using music from another round. Turns out this is a big no-no. I am disappointed and a little frustrated at the lack of flexibility. I will either have to learn a different round for punches or I will have to use the music associated with Round 47. [sigh]

Thursday, I taught my regular Zumba class.

Friday, I taught my Zumba Toning class which is getting sadder by the week as far as attendance goes.

Saturday, I subbed for Amy and taught my first Piloxing class.

So in a span of a week, I have taught five different types of fitness classes. Oh the choreography going through my head right now. And I am working on new Zumba routines from ZIN 38 as I type.

As far as my diet goes, I am staying away from sugar pretty well but I have eaten too much GF bread the last couple of weeks and my tummy is not happy 😦

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Glass Half Empty

1. I had an A all semester in Organic Chemistry. I bombed the final and ended up with a B.

2. Just put $876 on my credit card for summer school tuition. The balance keeps going up and apparently I am not eligible for any student loans through the government.

3. Zero students showed up for my 4:30 Zumba class at the MAC today. Humiliating to say the least. Doubly frustrating because I left the ballet Coppelia early just to get there on time.

4. I teach Aqua Zumba in less than 24 hours and I have a warm up, cool down, and 1 routine. GREAT.

5. I am about two weeks behind on ChaLEAN Extreme. I am only in the second week of the Lean Phase and I can’t get in all my workouts to save my life.

6. I’m exhausted.

This is the story of my life.

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