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Week 1

Here are some pics from my food this week.

  1. Kite Hill cream cheese and yogurt – Really good. The chive cream cheese is insanely good.
  2. Siete Tortillas – I have both the almond flour tortillas and the cassava & coconut tortillas (which are not vegan because they have lard, but I’m not concerned about being 100% vegan). I like the almond flour ones just a little bit more but they are both good.
  3.  The Golden Ratio is good as advertised and pretty filling. I haven’t tried the vanilla flavor yet. It is also not vegan because it has collagen in it. It has 30g of protein per serving which is a great start to the day.

I did Buti workouts on Sunday and Monday, went to lifting class on Tuesday and ending up teaching a Zumba class unexpectedly, went to Hot 26 on Thursday. I forgot to work out last night which is silly on my part but I injured my neck on Thursday night doing headstands after class so it was probably for the best. My neck is doing better today.

Next week, I would like to get in another couple of Buti workouts during the week and make it to barre class at 5:30 am next Friday. I woke up in time yesterday but my neck was killing me so I decided to go back to sleep.

I have felt pretty good all week. I was really bloated most of the week but not so much the last two days. I was really hungry the first two days but my appetite has calmed way down and I am starting to notice the urge to eat out of boredom or craving but not hunger. I have failed miserably drinking 100 oz of water per the week one Buti plan. Most days I haven’t even gotten 50 oz of water, today included. That is really going to be the goal of week 2 .

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Let’s Do This!

2017 is here and I’m excited to start my new Paleo Vegan plan courtesy of Buti Yoga. I have a Tone subscription for a month so I have access to about 100 Buti workouts. I did my first workout Friday night, Tone 145 and I did Tone 156 tonight. My Golden Ratio protein won’t get here til Wednesday but so I’ll be using Bone broth protein powder to “wake and shake” until Thursday. 

The Paleo Vegan slim down is 40% fat, 30% protein, and 30% carbs. This is a great ratio for me, I’ve tried a vegan diet so many times unsuccessfully because I eat too many carbs, but since the plan is Paleo, I won’t be eating grains. I usually do my own thing when it comes to diet and that hasn’t worked so I’m going to follow this plan to the T. This package (Buti Yoga’s silver bundle -included the diet and the DVD, mala was separate) cost me $60. It may sound like a lot but it’s much less than a Beachbody workout. I plan to do Buti workouts five days a week, it’s just not realistic for me to do one on Wednesdays or Saturdays. And let’s be real, five days a week is a HUGE improvement over zero 🙃👍🏾 And I need to do the workouts to get myself ready for Buti certification…only 27 days away!!

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It’s time for a Cleanse

Today was Day of 1 of a planned six day fast. I had six glasses of Vibrant Healths’s master cleanse mix, Vibrant Cleanse. Add in three cups of Yogi Detox Tea and I’m currently sipping a cup of Dandelion root and peppermint tea. I’ve got a killer headache and I’m hungry but I’ve made it all day. I’ll be a yoga festival all day tomorrow and a yoga workshop Sunday morning so I won’t be around food. By the time Monday rolls around, I’ll be cursing at day four. I haven’t done a cleanse in a year and I don’t know how long since I’ve done a successful fast without cheating. Strange timing right before Thanksgiving but my first fast was a three day fast right before Thanksgiving my freshman year of college. I’m taking Renew Life’s Parasmart and Intestinew along with Sunny Green Total Greens. I’ll have to do a salt water flush or laxative tea at some point, probably Sunday afternoon. It is not ideal to wait that long but I’m doing nothing but yoga for the next 36 hours. I’ll see how my energy levels hold up, usually I thrive on a fast (with the exception of water fasting), but who knows I’m older now, LOL. 

I am officially starting my 300 hour yoga training in January. I’ve been looking at programs since I was in my 200 teacher training two years ago so I feel good about the one I’ve selected and I’m excited for this new journey. Yoga has really changed my life and my group exercise career. I didn’t really know what I was embarking on when I decided to become a yoga teacher but it’s been truly transformative. 

At this point, I’ve all but given up the idea of becoming a dietitian. I just don’t want to be a dietitian bad enough to turn my whole life upside down for the internship. I especially don’t like the idea of giving up my classes. That’s a huge realization for me. I love my job but I also love teaching yoga. Yes, there are days I want to go home or times I feel like a machine but if I didn’t teach I would literally lose a piece of myself. So being a dietitian won’t be in cards for me. Some day I might regret it but I don’t think so. I never wanted to be a dietitian in the way that’s it’s currently practiced. I’m not going to counsel people on MyPlate and other medical bullshit. I love herbs and supplements, and paleo diets, and Ayurveda. I like the blood type diet and cleansing, I hate artificial sweeteners and prescription drugs. I don’t ever think people should drink Ensure or Gatorade, and carbohydrates aren’t okay if there brown instead of white. I’m not that girl and I won’t pretend to be that girl for nine months during an unpaid internship. No thank you. You suck.  

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Snacking on the Pounds

My problem is without a doubt: snacking. I eat all the time. I don’t have to be hungry and most of the time when I eat, I’m not hungry. I just want food. And it’s always carbs or fat. But mostly carbs. Today: Sunspire Sundrops, Hail Merry lemon tart, Two Moms in the Raw truffles, and kettle chips. Yesterday: six slices buttered millet bread, yogurt almonds, almond butter, almond flour crackers, Steve’s  coconut milk ice cream. Thursday: Sundrops and who knows what else, I can’t remember. Wednesday: an entire container of gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough.

So now that I have a problem, I need a solution. One option is intermittent fasting. I can do 16/8, which is 16 hours of fasting and eating in an eight hour window. I can do 5/2 which is fasting 2 days a week. I’m thinking a combination of the two, 16/8 with one 24 hour period of fasting weekly. In Ayurveda, breakfast is optional for Kapha types, which whether I am or not is debatable, but I definitely have a Kapha imbalance. I tend to snack the most in between breakfast and lunch and mid-afternoon. I know eating from only 12p-8pm will not completely fix the problem so carbs gotta go. And no nuts. 

As I type this, I’m watching the documentary Sugar Coated. It’s really not useful to try and moderate sugar/sweets/desserts/grains/starches. I’m sure I wouldn’t dip into depression occasionally if I would kick the carbo habit. Goodness knows my digestion is 90% better when I go grain free (the other 10% is dairy). My skin is clear when I don’t eat sugar. WHY ON EARTH DO I CONTINUE TO EAT IT!!! 

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The Vegetarian Experiment

When I got back from Yoga Journal Live in January, I was inspired and determined to be vegetarian. After 40 days and tighter pants, I went back to eating meat. This was my third attempt to be vegetarian or vegan in ten years and each time the results have been the same. I am very aware I am a “protein type”…parasympathetic dominance, thyroid gland dominant, type o blood type…they all require animal protein to thrive. I was bloated constantly for weeks, my bowels barely moved despite the vast increase in fiber. The goal was not to lose weight or feel better it was to practice the yoga yama, Ahimsa. Ahimsa means non-violence, which most yogis translate as non-violence to animals and are heavy advocates of veganism/vegetarianism. However, one can practice ahimsa by being kind to others and to self. So the goal of being vegetarian was to be kind to myself, which I was for about 36 of the 40 days, the last three or four days was a challenge because I could feel the weight gain. So I am back to eating meat and no more bloat and bowel movements are much better. And with all the carbs, I was constantly craving carbs, sweets, and my appetite was so much stronger. No surprise there, thats what carbs do. And while it is entirely possible to be vegetarian and not be a starchitarian, it is incredibly difficult. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts sound good in theory but makes for a pretty limited diet. I could take meat or leave it, I didn’t miss it but I’m not going to get fat to practice ahimsa perfectly, I will just have to find other ways. After all, I’ve got a wedding to get ready for, I don’t want to be rolled down the aisle!


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Oats, Gluten, and Why I need to go Paleo

I give up trying to eat Gluten Free Oats. I’ve tried every brand: Bob’s Red Mill, Glutenfreeda, Arrowhead Mills, Purely Elizabeth, steel cut, rolled, bran, etc., the results are always the same…bloat, inflammation, misery. Oats are gluten free but they have avenin, a protein similar to gluten but apparently 99% of celiac can do oats, NINETY NINE PERCENT! I just have to be the 1% 😥 I have the same problem with quinoa; turns out they have proteins similar to gluten also and can illicit the same reaction. I love tapioca rolls, unfortunately tapioca doesn’t love me. Millet and I broke up over a year ago. That leaves rice, buckwheat, amaranth, corn, and really random grains like sorghum and teff. Let’s be honest, I don’t need those either I’m five pounds overweight and 15-20 pounds from actually being able to wear the majority of my wardrobe. I hear you food gods, no grains. No grains. No grains. No grains. Perhaps I should get out my mala beads and chant that 108 times. Everyday, for forty days. Then maybe I can stop eating carbs. I hate carbs. My thighs like carbs and so does my belly, the more I eat, the bigger they get. I’m not really sure what my belly looks like since it changes daily based on whatever I eat. Oh yeah, it likes dairy, too. 

So, we come to Paleo. A diet free of dairy and grains, the perfect fit. And for now, that’s the goal….just to let go of those two food groups. I mean if take out more than that, there really isn’t enough left to be successful. There’s sugar, but Paleo is free of that too, at least the granulated stuff, legal crack. So that’s the goal. No grains. No grains. No grains. 

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Back from the Dead

It’s been awhile…

Actually it’s been forever. I was pretty non-existent in 2014. I can complain about being too busy but in reality I was too embarassed to post. After reaching my goal weight of 145 lbs in 2013, the pounds found their way back in 2014. I’m not exactly sure what the damage is, I haven’t been on a scale since I came back from SCW Atlanta Mania in July. I have a general idea of being somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 lbs seeing as I am back in all of my size 10 pants. It’s quite frustrating and devastating if I really allow myself to have a pity party. But I do not whine and cry about it constantly but other than my weight, life is pretty good. I completed my 200-hr yoga training this month and I am now an official yoga teacher…I am a stable relationship with a great guy..-I’ve paid off most of my student debt from my Nutrition Degree…I finally got my own Body Pump class…things are well, just not the damn waistline.

But those that live in the past are destined to stay there. I cannot do anything about the 20 lbs or so I have gained but it’s so hard to try and get them off. I’m on week 4 of Insanity Max 30. These workouts are CRAZY but I need to get my butt kicked. I’m still in great shape because I still teach a million classes and I’ve been into kettlebells for about 6 months. I did Sarah Lurie’s DVDs for awhile and I’ve taken live kettlebell classes at a local kettlebell gym, too. I still take hot yoga classes occasional but not as much as I used to, it’s hard getting up at 4:45 am.

My diet is, as always, my biggest enemy. I got an Ayurvedic consult in October (I was typed as a Vata-Pitta, always thought I was Kapha) and I’ve considered following the plan given to me but I just haven’t been convinced that a Vata diet is the right plan. So I continue to spin wheels. I paid $130 for the consult, I really should just follow the plan, huh? Hmmm….maybe so.

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Getting Back on the Bandwagon

I read this post this morning from Connie Bennett, author of Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock:

I confess. I, too, fell off the carb bandwagon and I have 15 extra pounds to show for it. I’m not happy about it obviously. I’m not devastated because emotionally I’m in a much better place. However, I’m sick of carrying this extra weight and having to squeeze into my size 8 clothes instead of wearing my size 6 clothes.

Weight loss is a job and keeping it off is a full-time job. It requires a lot of discipline that I have to develop. My weight loss last year was mostly an accident but I certainly had not planned on gaining most of it back. The buck stops here. A little honesty goes a long way. Day One.

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21 Day Sugar Detox


Today is day 17 of a 21-day Sugar Detox. I was eating way too much sugar and carbs and breaking out and still annoyed with the pesky three or four pounds so I decided to give it a whirl. The book I’m following (featured above) has three paleo-based plans. I took the test and tested for plan #2. Strangely enough, Plan #2 is the only one of the three plans that allows dairy – no restrictions on the amount as long as it is full-fat and unsweetened, of course. All meats and nuts are allowed except peanuts and cashews. The “NO” list consists of grains, beans, starchy vegetables and sweeteners of any kind including stevia 😦 The only fruits allowed are Granny Smith apples, pink grapefruit, and green bananas and only one fruit a day is allowed. No protein powders are acceptable except unflavored (and unsweetened) whey or hemp protein. No plant milks are allowed except canned coconut milk or homemade almond milk. All of this is very strict but it’s been manageable and I’ve been pretty creative. However, I have completely overdone the dairy and I have a few pimples to show for it. Weight has remained pretty much the same which is disappointing but considering I’ve been above 3,000 calories most days I’m lucky I haven’t gained five pounds.

All in all, I like the paleo way of eating and if I cut out dairy and curb the nut intake I think maybe I can finally get the scale moving. It’s so frustrating when you are so close to your goal. For me, carb intake is half the battle, calories is the other.

Interesting read on dairy products & acne:Dr. Mark Hyman blog post

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You can call me Trainer, Personal Trainer that is.

I passed!!!

After 13 months of on-again-off-again studying, $522 for materials, $149 to reschedule my exam, and plenty of stressing I finally took my ACE CPT exam on Monday and was successful on my first try. Thank goodness because I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to fork over the $199 to retake it if I failed. The test was tough but not crazy hard like I was expecting. It definitely helped that I already have AFAA and AEA certifications and a nutrition degree. The process has definitely made me smarter but I have still a lot to learn. I’m looking for a good book or two to expand my new knowledge. I’ve already inspired a fellow fitness instructor and loaned her my materials. But I will probably have to purchase another ACE manual because now I don’t have a reference book.

What’s next? Not sure yet. There are definitely opportunities with the city where I currently teach classes but I am not going to do anything that takes any more time away from work so for now I plan on enlisting Bro and Sis as guinea pigs 🙂 One of the reasons I pursued certification with ACE was so I could apply for a ZES position with Zumba but now that I have it I am definitely chickening out.

In other news…

My weight continues to fluctuate and has not stabilized yet. My diet has been crazy; I have been eating 2500-3500 calories a day, YIKES! I am improving emotionally (baby steps…) and that will help but I have called in reinforcements. I ordered Shaun T.’s new workout Focus T25 and I started taking a new weight loss supplement called XAT-7 (green coffee bean and caffeine based product). I start Focus T25 on Monday. I plan on doing the workouts in the mornings most days and since the workouts are only 25 minutes that should work just fine. The program calls for 2 workouts on Friday so I might split those up and do one in the morning and one in the evening. I ordered some new cross trainers (Asics Gel Intensity 2, the original Intensity is my all-time favorite workout shoe) and I plan on doing the low impact modifications because my right hip and right knee are giving me trouble and I have starting seeing a chiropractor. I suppose the smart thing to do would be not to start the workout right now but seeing as I spent over $200 (I went ahead and got the gamma dvds, too), I am not willing to let it sit around and collect dust.

I hope to start running 2-3 days a week. Actual running outside that is and not on my treadmill. A friend of mine is trying to get a team together for Run or Dye, a 5k race next spring. I haven’t done a 5k in years, 2001 to be exact. I’m probably not too far out of 5k shape, I know I can run two miles at a 9-10 minute/mile pace now. There is a 15k race in February in Nashville, Hot Chocolate 15k. Am I feeling that ambitious? Hmm….It will be good for me to get in some different activities. I know my body is tired of doing the same thing, which is lots of Zumba these days.

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