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Insanity Homestretch

Week 8 of Insanity completed, only one more week to go. The scale finally moved this week. Friday, I weighed in at 166 lbs. Looks like cutting the carbs down and increasing the protein has definitely helped. Maybe, I can squeeze off one more pound before I finish. I had contemplated doing a PUMP/Insanity hybrid after this round was over, it would consist of three Insanity workouts a week instead of six. However, after spending all night reading about the drawbacks of “too much cardio”, I am thinking maybe that’s not such a good idea.

According to several sources, too much cardio raises cortidol, lowers sex hormones, and causes a loss of muscle tone while strength training does just the opposite. Also, with strength training, calories are burned after working out, not the case with cardio. But how much is too much cardio? For this there is no definitive answer.

Throughout my entire Insanity run I have taught seven Zumba classes per week. One week I taught ten and most weeks I have also taught a thirty minute Turbo Kick class. This adds up to over 12 hours of cardio/week. Basically, two-a-days six days a week. Too much? Maybe, maybe not. But definitely too much not to be getting better results, especially on 1700 calories/day. So I am thinking, why continue to kill myself doing so much cardio? After I sm done with Insanity, I will try a month of a PUMP/DDP Yoga combo and see what happens. I have decided on the Intermediate DDP Yoga plan. This means there is no reason for me to buy the cross training PUMP dvds or any other exercise dvd for that matter. I have looked at numerous ones this week; Jari Love, Cathe Frederick, Tracy Mallet, Jeanette somebody (Kelly Rowland’s trainer), and 10 minute solution workouts, to name a few. I was trying to figure out what I could trade in on Amazon in order to afford one or two. Now I can spend my mental energy doing something else. I don’t know why I find reading workout reviews so fascinating. I can do it for hours.

Back to Insanity though. I am kind of intrigued about doing Asylum at some point in the future. Maybe after PUMP? Sounds like a great program for Insanity grads. Which I will be in one week.

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Taking a Toll

Not only is Insanity taking a toll on my body but the hour long workouts once I get home at 8 or 9 pm in the evenings are seriously hurting my studying for Biochemistry. I got a D on my last exam and there were a couple of nights I was simply too tired to study after doing my workouts or I was working out instead of studying. Tonight I had to make the decision to skip today’s Insanity workout in favor of my studies. I plan on making the workout up either on Max Recovery day or Rest Day, but school has to take a priority. I have sacrified far too much financially, emotionally, and at work to let my schooling take a backseat.

In other news, I got my DDPYoga today. It was 3 DVDs that arrived in a flat rate priority envelope. Why on earth was I charged $14.95 for shipping?! Rip-off. These workouts better be awesome. The 3  DVDs cost me $120 (not including the ridiculous shipping).

In yet more news, I was caught selling Shakeology again, this time on Amazon. This despite, my trying to be careful, I actually had my sister selling 21 packets for me on ebay. After I had to shell out $3900 for a new A/C this month, I have been desperate for cash. I guess it’s a good thing I bought PUMP already, wouldn’t be able to buy it now. I wanted the cross-training dvds next month, but really, it’s not that serious. I do enough cardio as it is and I have Insanity, about 13 round of Turbo Kick, and a treadmill if I really need more cardio. I might be able to still purchase items at 10% off as a Team Beachbody member, I don’t know, or even care at this point. I couldn’t afford PUMP so it is probably a blessing in disguise. And I never made a cent as a coach anyway. And my Beachbody coach, who now lives 2o minutes away, is moving to Texas (over 1000 miles away).

Off to go work on a lab report due in the morning. The plan tomorrow is to work out in the morning.

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Getting addicted to Exercise

I cannot recall a time when I have worked out as much as I am working out now. Last week, I taught the following classes: 6 regular Zumba, 2 Aqua Zumba, 2 Zumba Toning, and 1-30 minute TurboKick. I did five Insanity workouts (missed recovery due to a Biochem lab assignment), and Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. Tuesday night I did ChaLEAN Burn Circuit 2 at 10:45 p.m. after finishing Max Plyo. The scale hasn’t moved; it’s stuck on 168 lbs. But on the bright side, my clothes are a little bit looser. I analyzed my nutrient intake on myfitnesspal and my protein intake has been around 15% and my carb intake around 50%. Definitely not ideal for fat loss. I am now aiming for I bought two new DVD programs this week: Les Mills Pump and DDPYoga. Each was over $100 apiece (although I opted for the payment plan with DDPYoga). I swear I am going to go broke buying workout programs. I just have two weeks of Insanity left. I will make it. I almost enjoy the workouts but I don’t think I will miss them. I strained an oblique muscle last week, most likely doing side suicide jumps, and it is slow to get better. I plan on having a complete review of Insanity some time soon.

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The Calm before the Storm

Recovery week of Insanity is complete. Shaun T’s idea of recovery that is. Granted, it is the easiest of the Insanity workouts so far, but that’s not saying much. I am looking forward to Month 2 though, doing Core Cardio and Balance all week has gotten old. I managed to get in ChaLEAN Push Circuit 3 and the Insanity Upper Body Workout this week. Turns out I am taking a another summer school class this summer, Biochemistry of all things. So I will be working hard to get all my workouts in just like last month. Oh well…

I have officially decided that my next Beachbody program will be Les Mills Pump. I chose that over P90X because 1) the workouts are shorter and with school in the fall and all my Zumba classes, 60 minutes workouts are not very appealing, 2)PUMP works the entire body, head to toe and 3)I have heard so many positive reviews about how motivating the music is in PUMP.

I am sure P90x is a great program and I may do it one day but I am excited about PUMP. If all goes as planned, I will finish Insanity Sunday, August 5. I go to Zumba Convention August 9 (cannot wait!!) and return on the 13th. So I will probably start PUMP the following week, August 19. That will take me to Thanksgiving. I ought to be in super shape by then. We shall see…

I may be trying a hormone free modified version of the HCG diet starting next week. I need to look at the protocol, but it is supposed to allow up to 1,000 calories/day. Since I will be in Summer School til August 3 from 10-4 everyday, this would be a good time to try it. I will be away from food most of the day for the first time in 7 years! (I work in a health food store six days/week, there is food everywhere!)

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