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Plugging Along

Started Week 3 of ChaLEAN Extreme tonight. I was dead tired. Two intense hours of Zumba classes combined with residual soreness from Sunday’s PiYo Strength training. I do feel like I am making progress in my muscle tone though just two weeks in. I look forward to the workouts and I haven’t missed one yet!

I got another Zumba gig. This one is a big gym on Sunday afternoons so I am pretty excited. I have decided against going to Zumba convention. I really want to get my school bills paid off and spending $1000 to go Zumba convention is not smart. It sucks and I will be jealous of everyone who goes but I will stay and sub and make some money.

It’s getting crunch time for Aqua Zumba training. No weight loss, I am sticking within my fitness pal calorie allotment, but that takes into account exercise calories. I should probably just stick with 1200-1400 calories regardless of exercise. If I could just cut out the snacking….damn walnuts, why do they have to call my name.  Oh well, at least my clothes fit looser, there’s hope.

I survived PiYo Strength training Sunday. Not exactly sure what I think yet. It was tough, really tough. I officially hate Chaturanga! And I am definitely done with certifications, No more, No Mas!

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