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Enter Buti Yoga: Unleashing the Beast

I am officially a Buti Yoga instructor! I LOVED my training. The other buttisattvas were amazing, my trainer, Talen Lane, was special. I’ve already got my first class lined up an I still can’t believe I did this but I am so glad I did. So here’s my official review…

Day One

We started the day in a circle and went through introductions including “How Buti found me”. I loved this start. Most of the trainings I’ve been to haven’t even had simple introductions and this always bums me out because one of the best parts of a training is meeting new people so Buti gets started off immediately with community. Next is the master class. This was my first real live class. I had a mini class (about 30 minutes) at the Music City Yoga Festival in November. I didn’t enjoy the master class as much as I wanted to because I was a little (or a lot at times) lost. Idiotically, I picked a spot in the back corner of the class and I couldn’t hear anything Talen said and I certainly couldn’t see her either. Coincidentally, several of us in the back row moved up the next day so we could see. After the master class, we spent most of the day going through the manual page by page, pose by pose. About 4:30 pm we got to tribal dance, which for me was the most fun part of the day. After that was work in smaller groups to practice for our demos the next day. Finally, some sequencing guidance from Talen and then ended a long day about 6:30. 

Day Two

I wore a crop top. This alone is an amazing feat, I don’t show my belly in public. People will get a flash every now and then by accident while I’m teaching class but to purposely show up in a crop top says a lot about how comfortable, confident, and empowered I felt after Day 1. There were 21 people in our group which meant 21 demos. 21 demos x 10 minutes = 210 minutes = 3.5 hours…That’s a lot of buti! Strangely, two girls came down with flu like symptoms so we ended up with 19 demos, after about 15, we were DONE, like burnt toast. But we powered through and the energy was amazing!!! I’ve never experienced anything like it. I thoroughly enjoyed my demo and I got great feedback from Talen and my sisters. We ended the day in a circle and everyone shared what they learned from the weekend. We made all the way to last person and what she said made almost everyone cry. It was a beautiful end to an amazing weekend. 

Before I signed up for training I felt like I needed to get certified. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Now, I feel like I need to teach this class. Talen ev n wrote on my feedback form “you need to teach!” So March 4, I will teach my first Buti Yoga Class. Whoo-eee!

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End of an Era…Bye Bye Zumba

Yesterday morning, I bagged up the last of the my Zumba clothes I hadn’t sold on eBay and gave them to a Zumba instructor friend. Today I cancelled my ZIN membership. Starting February 1, I will be a Zumba instructor no more. I am switching my Aqua Zumba class to Aqua Dance and I’ll be saving $30/month. I haven’t taught Zumba in almost two years and I haven’t missed it. It is somewhat freeing to be closing that door. I never would have become a yoga instructor if I had not been a Zumba instructor first. In fact, Zumba has brought a lot of people into the group fitness world that now teach Body Pump, R.I.P.P.E.D., yoga, boot camp, etc. Every group exercise organization copies Zumba’s model and charges monthly fees now to stay certified. Love it or not, Zumba revitalized and revolutionized the group fitness industry. The hysteria has faded, the classes have thinned but Zumba is still relevant. For me, Zumba was a great first chapter. I am grateful for the experience but Zumba was a phase for me whereas yoga has become my passion.

Wednesday I started a new venture as adjunct faculty at our local university teaching yoga. This weekend I reached 1,000 teaching hours and I’m now officially an E-RYT 200 and a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). I’m busy planning my yoga festival for March but after that I will begin working on my first continuing education course to teach locally. There’s a great opportunity in town to teach continuing ed because there are not any studios that provide any workshops currently. I’m willing to step out and try it. I’m not any closer to starting my YouTube channel but I just need to carve out some time and hit record. 

My Buti certification is next weekend. I still can’t believe I’m doing this, it seems so surreal. It’s completely unnecessary but I just couldn’t pass it up. There’s something about Buti I’m drawn to, it’s weird. I’ve spent quite a bit of money on Golden Ratio protein (chocolate I really like, I haven’t tried vanilla yet) and the vegan paleo plan. I lucked out and got a free bundle for the training so I got three DVDs, a buttisatva sports bra, and another slim down plan. I haven’t been able to do any Buti workouts for two weeks because I injured my groin either in lifting class or coincidentally, subbing Zumba. A couple days later I hurt my neck doing a headstand when my neck was already hurt from sleeping poorly (not a good idea). And then when my neck returned to normal, I tweaked my finicky shoulder. I’m starting to feel every bit of 35. I just don’t bounce back like I used to. I’m taking Europharma’s Healthy Ligaments & Tendons and Solaray’s MSM with Glucosamine. Hopefully, I can start back Sunday and get a little preparation in before training on Saturday. 

Out with Zumba, In with Buti!

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Looking towards 2017

I’ve got a busy year planned for myself next year already.


Start teaching yoga as adjunct faculty at local university

300 hour teacher training elective – Meditation

Buti Yoga certification


Start my YouTube channel?

300 hour teacher training elective – Yin Yoga


Yoga Festival I’m organizing

hopefully, 300 hour teacher training Core Module

May & July

hopefully, 300 hour teacher training core modules


attend Wanderlust Tremblant (near Montreal)

September & October

two more Core Modules for 300 hour training

As you can see, my year is revolving around yoga. Some might call me obsessed but I’m not yet posting yoga poses on Instagram or spreading yogic wisdom on Facebook so I certainly haven’t gone off the deep end. My #1 priority for 2017 is having a successful yoga festival in March. 

Priority #2 is getting off this excess weight. Part of my strategy for losing weight is Buti Yoga. After months of deliberation, I finally took the plunge and signed up for training next month. I plan on doing Buti workouts at home and strictly following a paleo diet, as well as getting back into my kettlebells. I might try Golden Ratio protein powder. It’s the protein powder that Buti Yoga sells, pea protein plus collagen peptides and sweetened with coconut sugar. It’s on sale the rest of the year, if I’m going to try it, now would be the time. And if I’m going to drink the kool-aid I might as well go all in. 

Speaking of protein powders…

We got Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein at the store this week. I have tried out all four flavors we brought in and the chocolate flavor is actually really good. The vanilla is pretty decent, too. The Pure and Turmeric flavors I mixed with warm water and sipped like broth. They were both kind of bitter. I tried the Apple Cinnamon flavor at a trade show a few weeks ago and it was pretty good in warm water. I look forward to incorporating these in my daily diet as opposed to sipping Pacific’s organic bone broth. Bone broth is supposed to be great for leaky gut and goodness knows my gut is always needing healing. I react horribly these days to both tapioca and quinoa so of course, I managed to OD on both Against the Grain rolls and Food by George english muffins. Tapioca starch overload and I was MISERABLE. Carb addiction is rough. The struggle is real. I’m going to have to treat myself like an alcoholic, seriously. There is no such such thing as moderation for me. I was good Monday & Tuesday and then we got these Deland Bakery muffins on Wednesday. Had to try them, gotta be a good employee, customers might ask how they taste (even though I know, I tried them at the trade show). Today, it was Schaf croissants. They are made out of wheat starch, yet somehow they’re gluten free. And they are really, really good. 

Still speaking of protein powders…

Garden of Life’s new whey protein is due to come in any day. So many protein shakes, so little time, just a day in the life of a protein shake junkie. 

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Harsh Dose of Reality

I can’t think of many things worse than getting on the scale at the doctors office. Today was especially horrible. I haven’t been on the scale since before I went to Jamaica last fall. According to MyFitnessPal, I weighed in October 16 of last year at 169.5 lbs, which was bad enough. Today…180.6 lbs. OUCH!! Let me be honest, I know I’ve gained weight. My fat clothes are all tighter or just plain tight. I was expected 175, but to be back in the 180s is horrible. My weight hasn’t been this high since pre-HCG in 2010. Forget a plan at this point, I’m just doing straight up juice. I juice five days a week at work anyway. I just can’t believe I’ve gained 40 pounds since December 2013. My new husband must really love me because I’ve gained all that since we’ve been together. 

I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted. I have no one to blame but myself. But I haven’t done all of this mind work through yoga to beat myself up a thousand times. I screwed up, I have to fix it. I plan to report back July 31, I plan to be down 15 lbs. 


Fat, Not sick, and nearly tired

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Where have I been, where am I going

Good News: I got my 200 hour yoga training in January and my 85 hour prenatal yoga training in August.

Better news: I just got hired at my favorite hot yoga studio and I got my own class, I start teaching next week!

Best news: I got engaged last month!

Bad news: none, positivity rules the day.

This has been a year of a lot of changes.

January: Completed my yoga teacher training. Teacher training was an up and down ride but it was a transformative experience. I see life much differently. Most things that have bothered me in the past, no longer affect me. I am able to separate my feelings in regards to other people. I live less in the past and worry less about the future.

February: Stepped away from being a Zumba instructor. I still teach Aqua Zumba, but no more land Zumba. Nine months later, I still don’t miss it.

March: Attended Art of Assisting, a three day training with Baptista Yoga. Another experience that was more mind than physical, and it was very physical.  Fulfillment and tears all in the same weekend. I am a better person and instructor as a result. Started teaching at a new gym, Olympus.

August: Pre and Postnatal Yoga Training. The best yoga experience yet. I had no thoughts of teaching prenatal yoga before my group ex director brought it up in March but I am SO glad I went for it. I am a much better teacher. My instructor, Jessalynn was amazing and I really connected with her. She has been a great resource for yoga, meditation, chanting, pregnancy, and of course, pre and postnatal yoga. Stopped teaching at the MAC, after three and half years.

October: JAMAICA. Will review my Fit Bodies vacation in another post, but it was awesome.

That’s pretty much everything in a nutshell.

I’m looking for a new workout program to inspire me. I have a 108-day yoga program that I need to do, but I want to get back to lifting, too. I did two months of ChaLEAN Extreme back in the summer and I enjoyed it, I actually bought some heavier plates. I am kind of tired of DVDs though, maybe it’s time to use that gym membership…


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What Now? Now What?

Ever since I finished my degree a month ago I have been struggling with what to do next. Three or four years ago I evaluated my life and made a list of goals. I was always complaining about my weight and a guy I was dating at the time (August 2007) told me if I didn’t like something about myself, change it. I didn’t like the comment. But it stuck with me and after a year or so I took the two things about myself I liked the least (my weight and my undergraduate degree) and decided to make goals to change them. It has taken some time but I finished my Nutrition Degree and my weight is pretty close to where it needs to be, SO NOW WHAT? I don’t know. I honestly do not know.

There are things I need to do like get my finances in order and pay off my school bills. There are things I would like to do but have no control over like getting married. But what to I want in life that is under my control? I don’t even know what I like to do anymore. I like teaching fitness classes but I don’t love it like I used to. I enjoy helping people at the store but something is missing. I don’t know if all of the turmoil in my personal life has just taken a toll (fighting back tears as I type) or if I have just reached a crossroads in my life. There’s no hurry to make new goals but life needs direction and I’m just not sure where I’m headed.

Should I apply for a dietetic internship? Should I resume or discontinue being a biofeedback technician? Should I take the exam to become a dietetic technician? Should I pursue another fitness certification like R.I.P.P.E.D. or Yoga? Can we build a bigger store one day? Should I stick around to see or should I leave and spread my wings? Should I date or does it make me too much of a basketcase? Am I losing my mind?

I. Just. Don’t. Know.

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It’s My Party and I Cry If Want To

Today is my birthday, probably the worst one I’ve had since 2005 (nothing will ever touch that one). School is the main reason. This is the second of what will be three long nights in a row. The fumes I’ve been running on are gone. I have nothing left, nothing. I am completely spent. The caffeine I’m running on isn’t helping, it makes me a complete basketcase. Two days left, if I can just make it….if I could just stop crying…

P90X2 is purchased and on its way. I look forward to getting back in the game, I’ve been dragging in my Aqua Zumba classes lately and I feel like I need to build my endurance back up.

I thought about doing Brazil Butt Lift, too. But after losing three auctions for it on ebay today, I’m thinking maybe I’ll just do my Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs dvd (which I’ve had for like a year and it’s still in the plastic). Looking at barre workouts too. Still haven’t used that expensive barre I bought like two years ago. Of course, my exercise room is in need of TLC since a shelf fell down a few weeks back and I haven’t had time to fix it or pick up anything that fell on the floor. Time. Such a precious thing…just need more of it. Hopefully, in a few more days, if I haven’t gone completely nuts. Here’s to keeping my sanity long enough to avoid collapsing into fetal position in the back of my closet.

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Juggling Elephants

The semester is winding down and thank goodness. I have managed to keep my head above water. Barely some days, but so far, pretty good. Just a few more weeks…My family is sick of me being gone all the time and I am too, but the fact that I have been in school since January 2011 and only in the past year has it been an inconvenience, I think that’s pretty good actually.

Group fitness classes are going pretty well. Aqua Zumba attendance is way up thanks to the new year and warmer weather. PiYo attendance is okay, not great but okay most of the time. Now, that they have a yoga class Thursday night, I am wondering if it hasn’t affected my class. Regular Zumba is rocking though.

Got my Body Pump results a few weeks ago. I didn’t pass, I got a witheld on my video. I am demoing in front of my Group X director tomorrow and she should sign off it and then I will be able to be officially certified. I have subbed three classes in the past two weeks. I really enjoy teaching it but I really look fat when I teach. What is up with that?! Speaking of my weight, it’s the same. But I swear, I look better somehow. Still too much jiggle and wiggle on the backside though 🙂

Went to AEA training March 15 in Knoxville. Pretty sure I failed. I was horribly unprepared. At least the training was very beneficial. I am glad I did it. I’ll get my results in a few weeks but I don’t think it will be close. Maybe I can retake it at the pre-con at Zumba convention in August. Which btw, I signed up for Zumba convention today. So excited!!

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The Magic Bullet

I believe I have come to the realization that the magic bullet is motivation. When people are truly motivated, there is very little one cannot accomplish. Without motivation, tasks take great effort and often fail. New Year’s is just around the corner and my exercise classes will be full with newly motivated individuals to get in shape. Our health food stores will be filled with newly motivated people who want to get healthy. But most of them will gone by February and most certainly by March, casualties of the cursed “New Year’s resolutions”. No real motivation behind their goals, a loose commitment at best, doomed to fail. I know it all too well. Not necessarily New Year’s resolutions, I don’t usually bother with such. But I am very well versed in lacking the motivation it takes to make true change.

So how does one obtain this magic bullet? Where does true motivation came from? And if we find it, how can we sustain it?

Today, I do not have the answer; BUT for the rest of this month I will be finding answers. Stay tuned…

In other news, I see I haven’t posted in three months. Yikes! The most exciting news is I am getting trained for Body Pump. This Saturday in Memphis is my training. I filed my Intent to Graduate form so barring a disaster, I will complete my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science in August. I have about two months to figure out what dietetic internships I am applying to. I have about a  50:50 shot of getting matched. I have been teaching PiYo in place of a regular Yoga class for three weeks at Parks & Rec (same place I teach Zumba & Aqua Zumba). I am really enjoying it; surprisingly, considering I didn’t love my training. Speaking of trainings I didn’t love, I went to All-Star Presenter Camp in October. I really didn’t know what I had signed up for but I had NO IDEA it was a two day training on verbal cueing. Whoops! I met some nice people but it was basically two hundred dollars down the drain.

My workout regimen has been kind of nonexistent outside of my seven group ex classes. I finished PUMP and attempted a Rev Abs/Insanity hybrid. That lasted all of two days. I don’t really care for RevAbs and School + learning PiYo really detailed me the last month, too. Les Mills Combat should ship in a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting started on something new. Right now I am working on Body Pump 84 for my training and my CPT cert that I need to knock out before next semester. I’m signed up for AEA certification in March and I need at least 6-8 weeks to study for that. It never ends.

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Low Carb Friendly Foods that Taste Good

I am developing quite an affection for Artic Zero “ice cream

“. It isn’t real ice cream; it is largely frozen whey protein. I wasn’t crazy about it when I first tried it a couple of years ago or even a few months ago when I tried the bars. But I am now on my third box of bars (chocolate/vailla) and I tried the cappucino pint today and I liked it pretty well. I ate less than a serving and a half cup serving is only 37 calories! The bars are only 85 calories. You can find low calories fudge bars in several brands (most have horrible ingredients) but not a chocolate coated ice cream bar. They either have good ingredients but a lot of fat, hence a lot of calories, or they are artificially sweetened with Splenda or Nutrasweet. Yuck! No thanks. This is exactly why I will NOT try Skinny Cow. Sucralose gets nowhere close to my mouth, nor do any of its cousins.

I have also become a fan of Greek yogurt. I prefer flavors over plain even though they have more carbs, but most brands aren’t too bad. I LOVE the Noosa brand, I think it has the best flavor; it’s some Aussie recipe with milk from local farmers. Taste like dessert so of course I like it. On the more low carb friendly front, both Oikos and Chobani have vanilla flavors with more protein than carbs.

PB2 is still awesome, especially the chocolate. I actually prefer Betty Lou’s Powdered Peanut Butter over regular PB2 because it is organic and sweetened with coconut sugar instead of the plain, white drug. Rabbit trail: I actually made some pretty good cookies with almond flour and coconut sugar a few weeks ago. It was my first time cooking with coconut sugar. I like it but I need to do some research on it to see it is really a better alternative or agave 2.0

For salty snacks, seaweed snacks are great. Seasnax and Annie Chun’sare my favorite. They are gluten-free and not all seaweed snacks are, many have soy sauce in them. My favorite flavors are the Annie Chun’s Wasabi and Seasnax Toasty Onion. They are not meant to be filling but at 16-50 calories they are a much better option than chips or nuts when I get the munchies (and I’m not really hungry) or I need a salt fix.

And finally my new favorite milk for all my protein shakes (the current favorite is Bluebonnet Whey Protein-grassfed and very tasty) is Good Karma Unsweetened Flax Milk. It has a great texture and the flavor goes well with any protein. It actually has some Omega 3 and at only 25 calories a cup, it’s a near perfect food.

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