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Afterglow and Progress

Monday, I got back from four glorious days at Zumba Convention. Tuesday, I weighed in at 161.5 lbs, this is my lowest weight since 2006. I am very encouraged to continue on my journey.

I started Les Mills PUMP Monday. I had not planned on starting until Thursday but I couldn’t wait, I was so excited. I love it already. I really like using the barbell as opposed to using dumbbells for a change. I have been doing my HIIT workouts on lift days. Several sources online recommend doing HIIT workouts after lifting which makes sense. I was inclined to do them the other way around. So far I have done Turbo Fire HIIT 30 and Cathe Friedrich’s HIIT 30/30. Liked the Turbo Fire one a lot, Cathe not so much. I am getting the itch to do Insanity. I just feel like I am not working out enough or hard enough. I feel like I am slacking. Welcome to life after Insanity. No workout measures up. I am really trying to give this plan a month before giving in to an Insanity/PUMP hybrid.

Started DDP Yoga this week also. I don’t really understand how this program is good for weight loss but I am giving it a whirl. So far I have only done the Diamond Dozen and Energy. I am following the Intermediate Plan, so I will be doing DDP Yoga on days after PUMP.

I’m a little more drained than I have been even though I am working out less which is strange. May be time for me to break down and take a multivitamin.

If I can get my financial aid squared away for this semester (I had to break down and apply for Sallie Mae-ouch!), then I will be pursuing my personal trainer certification through ACE. I was going to wait until I finished school and my first AFAA renewal was up but there may be some opportunities on the horizon and I want to go ahead and knock it out. Stay tuned.

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Insanity Graduate

I graduated! I officially finished Insanity yesterday. I did the final test and I will post those number later. All in all, I am happy with the progress I made with the program. Of course,  I would have liked to have lost more weight but my cardiovascular endurance is better than it has been in a long time, if not ever. I have received tons of “you have lost so much weight” compliments the past month, so I know I am smaller despite small increases on the scale. My measurements were mostly the same but I lost inches in my thighs, which is great, since that is one of my problem areas. I would like to post a full review of Insanity in the future as well.

I do, however, now understand the various complaints about the lack of weight training. I have definitely lost most of the muscle definition I got with ChaLEAN Extreme. Part of that is my fault because I did not do the Insanity Upper Body Workout 2-3 times per week like I originally planned in the first month. Nor did I get in ChaLEAN three times a week the second month like I planned. It was just so difficult with the length of the workouts and my increasing group fitness teaching schedule. You can’t beat the Insanity cardio but the body needs some strength training, too. Which leads me to my new plan starting next week.

I am doing Les Mills Pump with DDP Yoga and HIIT workouts on off days. I have been reading two fabulous books: The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Shuler and What Comes First, Cardio or Weights? by Alex Hutchinson. Both of these books really emphasize the importance of strength training and the fact that women do too much cardio. Their (well-researched) philosophy is 30 minute HIIT workouts 2 to 3 times per week. I am all for shorter, more effective workouts so I am going to give it a try. I bought Cathe Friedrich’s HITT workouts, Turbo Jam Turbo Blaster, and I have a TurboFire HIIT workout for purchasing ChaLEAN, that I have never used (actually forgot I even had). I am going to use these as my main HIIT workouts. I can always use the treadmill also.  This combined with the Slender Plus modified HCG plan (more details to come) will hopefully keep the scale moving.

This week is recovery and off to Zumba Convention on Thursday! Of course yesterday recovery meant 4o minutes of intervals on the treadmill and tonight, off to my friend’s Boot Camp class. But recovery for an Insanity graduate is very, very different. If I’m standing in a pool of sweat, I just don’t feel like I am working 🙂

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