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The Vegetarian Experiment

When I got back from Yoga Journal Live in January, I was inspired and determined to be vegetarian. After 40 days and tighter pants, I went back to eating meat. This was my third attempt to be vegetarian or vegan in ten years and each time the results have been the same. I am very aware I am a “protein type”…parasympathetic dominance, thyroid gland dominant, type o blood type…they all require animal protein to thrive. I was bloated constantly for weeks, my bowels barely moved despite the vast increase in fiber. The goal was not to lose weight or feel better it was to practice the yoga yama, Ahimsa. Ahimsa means non-violence, which most yogis translate as non-violence to animals and are heavy advocates of veganism/vegetarianism. However, one can practice ahimsa by being kind to others and to self. So the goal of being vegetarian was to be kind to myself, which I was for about 36 of the 40 days, the last three or four days was a challenge because I could feel the weight gain. So I am back to eating meat and no more bloat and bowel movements are much better. And with all the carbs, I was constantly craving carbs, sweets, and my appetite was so much stronger. No surprise there, thats what carbs do. And while it is entirely possible to be vegetarian and not be a starchitarian, it is incredibly difficult. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts sound good in theory but makes for a pretty limited diet. I could take meat or leave it, I didn’t miss it but I’m not going to get fat to practice ahimsa perfectly, I will just have to find other ways. After all, I’ve got a wedding to get ready for, I don’t want to be rolled down the aisle!


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