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Insanity Month 1 Results

Today’s weigh-in: 168 lbs (no loss/gain)
Waist: 29.5 (2.5 inch loss since October, last time I measured)
Hips: 39 (no data)
Biceps: 11.75 (-.25 since October)
Thigh: 27 (+1.5?)
Thighs: 43 (no change)
Abdomen: 34 (no data)

I missed two recovery workouts and one cardio abs workout, but got in everything else including one upper body workout and one fast & furious workout.

Goals for month 2 are to get weights in three times a week, either ChaLEAN or the Insanity Upper Body Workout. Obviously, I want to lose some weight but I will be looking for loss in inches this go around, too.

July Goals
Goal weight: 162 lbs
Net loss of 1 inch in abdomen, hips, and thighs
Get my daily carbohydrate intake under 100g
Drink more water
Remember to take raspberry ketones to see if they actually work

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Insanity Week 4

My shins, my knees, my hamstrings, my tired feet, and I still have 6 weeks of this madness. This is my last week of month 1 and it is definitely not easier. In fact, I think it gets harder and 2 weeks from now it gets worse! What was I thinking?

I am starting to understand why people complain about the lack of weight training on Insanity. I feel like I have lost muscle definition. I am supposed to be doing the upper body workout 2 or 3 times a week but it’s nuts too. My body cannot take anymore plyometrics. Plus it is almost 50 minutes long which is tough to get in with my schedule. I am thinking about dropping my Friday Zumba Toning class just to get another day of rest, although it is by far, the easiest class I teach all week (But then also a class where I am losing money). Anyway, I decided to add ChaLEAN extreme back in. Obviously, just the weight workouts. I am following the Lean for Life schedule.

I was pretty sure I was going to do P90X after Insanity but if I keep teaching 7 or 8 fitness classes a week, I am wondering if Les Mills Pump wouldn’t be a better option. At least I don’t have to make a decision until August. And who knows, by then I could be a workout fiend…OR a zombie with knee braces in the fetal position mumbling obscenities about Shaun T.

Enough whining, I do have good news. I have been doing a much better job with my calories. Not quite down to 1500 yet but hovering around 1600-1700. A definite improvement. A feel deprived, but I’m not starving. Turns out I wasn’t following the Elite Nutrition plan at all. I was supposed to be eating 5 meals of 300-400 calories, not grazing on 1900 calories a day. So I have been aiming for five 300-calories meals. I have been eating Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. The only bread I have been eating is Ener-G’s Light Tapioca Loaf. Only 45 calories a slice and no almond butter and jelly sandwiches 🙂

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Damn Scale.

Day 16 of Insanity completed.  I weighed in this morning at 173.5 lbs. I haven’t weighed that much since January.  I’m too pissed to be frustrated. It shouldn’t be this damn hard. I have been working my tail off. 8 fitness classes a week + 6 Insanity workouts + myfitnesspal = 4 lb weight gain

So now instead of watching what I eat, snacking carefully, and logging my food I will have to obsess over every morsel of food and deprive myself. I have been eating between 1900 and 2200 calories a day. So that is getting slashed to 1500 calories. Secondly, I continue to do a poor job of restricting carbs, so here we go again, another break up with my friends fruit and bread. I am sick of having to starve myself to get any weight off. I really thought exercising and not overeating would get it. Clearly not. Sucks a fat one. I was doing better on ChaLEAN. I didn’t lose any weight, but at least I didn’t gain any. But I shouldn’t complain too much, I still have 45 more days to go.

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The Making of an Insaniac

Insanity Day 9 – so far so good
Haven’t missed a workout, in fact, I did Pure Cardio and the Fast & Furious DVD back-to-back tonight. And they was after a pretty grueling Aqua Zumba class before. Aqua is kicking my butt! All of the jumping, one leg work, plus the 90+ degree heat, it’s pretty brutal. Turnout had been great though and I couldn’t be happier. I have most of the routines down.

June challenge group is going pretty good. I am keeping track of my calories. I could be doing better with the carbs but I am keeping my total calories near my goal of 1,900.

Turnout for my Turbokick class was great last week! I hope it continues to be sucesssful, I really love teaching it. Things continue to suck at “the Palace˝. Subbing for one of the morning instructors didn’t help, the turnout was not good.  Every week I am on the verge of giving up completely but I keep trucking, keep hoping.

People keep complimenting me on my “weight loss”; unfortunately, the scale isn’t moving. In fact, last week my weigh-in was 2 lbs up. Poo! No worries, many Insanity workouts left. And they are tough; but I gotta say, Zumba has gotten me in pretty darn good shape. I am quite proud of my performance thus far.

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Going Insane, literally

So, I joined a June Challenge group mentored by my Beachbody coach. We are to workout 5 days a week, log our food and drink Shakeology everyday. Three days in, I am eating WAY too much. Too many carbs, of course. I am cutting out grains altogether, the bloat has been on for a few weeks since I ate out several times for my sisters birthday in May. It’s a tough life for a celiac when eating out. To make matters worse, I have eaten three Against the Grain gourmet pizzas (DELICIOUS, but sooo many calories) in the past week and a half. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately which means too much dairy and too much sugar. Why does all the bad food have to taste so darn good! But the plan is to start using Shakeology for breakfast and another protein shake for lunch. I am a protein shake junkie after all 🙂

Clearly, I am off suspension from Beachbody and they wasted no time sending my Shakeology home direct. I completed ChaLEAN Extreme. I finished with no weight loss, a little loss in my outer thighs and some slight muscle definition in my arms. Overall, very disappointing results especially with all the cardio from teaching. CLEARLY, I have a calorie intake issue so I am back on myfitnesspal and I easily consume 3,000+ calories/day. This is priority #1 for this month, getting my calories to 1,900 or less. To help matters along, I ordered Insanity. I completed my fit test today with is Day 1, so here goes…If doing Insanity and teaching six days a week doesn’t move the scale, it will be back to starvations with master cleansing and/or HCG. But first, I am going Insane!

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