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My leaking gut…

I have been super busy with work and school and neglected posting. Meanwhile, my diet sucks still. I cannot stick to any plan. Of course, I also can’t decide on a plan either. To complicate matters, my digestive system has gone on rebellion. Back in September, I STUPIDLY ate some spelt cookies. Like, a whole container. I have known I was gluten intolerant since November of 2005, and I have been faithfully GF since 2006 with a brief incidence of stupidity in 2008 when I got some test results from ALCAT Labs and decided maybe I really wasn’t celiac. WRONG! Dead wrong. My gut has been inflamed since September and has gotten worse ever since. I have to put the priority on plugging the holes before I do anything else. I grabbed the following items from my in-home health food store a.k.a. my kitchen cabinet: Seacure (unopened, never used) and Pioneer Comprehensive Gut Health. I also ordered myself a big jar of RevitalX from Natural Factors. I can’t believe I got myself in this pickle once again. It’s pitiful, really.

Back last year, someone gave me lots of samples of a product called Dieter’s Delite. I thought it helped but at the time, I thought I would tackle another 10 to 15 pounds with hard work in the gym or another round of HCG. Since I was unsuccessful with those options I decided to order some Dieter’s Delite. Seventy five dollars! Ouch. It better do something. My dad lost a lot of weight on a product called Diet Magic but it constipates me and the caffeine makes me jittery. I didn’t have that problem with DD before. I took it on an empty stomach Thursday and it made so nauseated I actually threw it back up. That had never happened before. So, I’ll just have to take the stuff with a protein shake.

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