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Maybe it’s time to go back to Zumba

How important is exercise in a weight loss program? I know for me, food has always been the most important piece of the puzzle but of course, exercise helps. From June 2011 to February 2015, I was teaching at least two Zumba classes a week, often more. For the majority of the four years, I taught 3 or 4 Zumba classes, 2 Aqua Zumba classes, and did a beachbody program at home. Other than ChaLEAN Extreme, they were all cardio-based, Insanity, Les Mills PUMP (kind of both strength & cardio), T25, Insanity Max 30, Turbo Fire HIIT workouts. Since, I don’t teach anymore, my cardio has slacked. I have focused more on weights and while I get to the gym sometimes and get on the elliptical or stairmaster, I definitely do not get in three or four sessions a week. A couple of weeks ago I spent an hour on the stairmaster and some ski machine in the cardio cinema and I only burned 640 calories. I could have gone to Zumba class earlier that evening and probably burned the same amount and had a lot more fun (I use to burn between 500-600 calories a class). So that got me thinking. maybe it’s time to go back to Zumba. I was certainly slimmer and Zumba was great cardio because that’s all I did before starting Insanity and I was in was good shape. I got so burned out from Zumba and I felt like my body was used to it (which it probably was) so I haven’t even done Zumba at home. And I kind of figured I was too “advanced” for Zumba. But seriously, I’ve had a hard time finding cardio activities where I burn more than I did in Zumba. I hate the Stairmaster, and the elliptical, and the stationary bicycle. After six months of taking kettlebell classes two times a week, I am no longer doing that anymore either. I couldn’t justify the expense ($135/month) once I got married. I thought I would get up and go to Body Pump and Les Mills Grit classes instead. Negative. I went to one Body Pump class and one Grit class. So for August, I am focusing on cardio. We are doing a 30 day plank challenge at my hot yoga studio, working up to a four minute plank! I decided to also incorporate a pushup challenge. Starting at 40 pushups a day and working up to 100 by August 31. And I’m doing a yoga challenge, yoga everyday. That WILL be a challenge, but I am coming up on two years since my yoga teacher training and it is absurd that I do not have a home practice. So how am I going to get cardio in, too? Well, I have about 30 ZIN (Zumba Instructor) DVDs that have not even opened. So there is no time like NOW. I might be able to get to a class on Sunday afternoons or Thursday evenings, depends on hubby’s sleep schedule, but three or four cardio sessions a week is the goal. Here is to a very active August.


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Juggling Elephants

The semester is winding down and thank goodness. I have managed to keep my head above water. Barely some days, but so far, pretty good. Just a few more weeks…My family is sick of me being gone all the time and I am too, but the fact that I have been in school since January 2011 and only in the past year has it been an inconvenience, I think that’s pretty good actually.

Group fitness classes are going pretty well. Aqua Zumba attendance is way up thanks to the new year and warmer weather. PiYo attendance is okay, not great but okay most of the time. Now, that they have a yoga class Thursday night, I am wondering if it hasn’t affected my class. Regular Zumba is rocking though.

Got my Body Pump results a few weeks ago. I didn’t pass, I got a witheld on my video. I am demoing in front of my Group X director tomorrow and she should sign off it and then I will be able to be officially certified. I have subbed three classes in the past two weeks. I really enjoy teaching it but I really look fat when I teach. What is up with that?! Speaking of my weight, it’s the same. But I swear, I look better somehow. Still too much jiggle and wiggle on the backside though 🙂

Went to AEA training March 15 in Knoxville. Pretty sure I failed. I was horribly unprepared. At least the training was very beneficial. I am glad I did it. I’ll get my results in a few weeks but I don’t think it will be close. Maybe I can retake it at the pre-con at Zumba convention in August. Which btw, I signed up for Zumba convention today. So excited!!

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Getting addicted to Exercise

I cannot recall a time when I have worked out as much as I am working out now. Last week, I taught the following classes: 6 regular Zumba, 2 Aqua Zumba, 2 Zumba Toning, and 1-30 minute TurboKick. I did five Insanity workouts (missed recovery due to a Biochem lab assignment), and Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones. Tuesday night I did ChaLEAN Burn Circuit 2 at 10:45 p.m. after finishing Max Plyo. The scale hasn’t moved; it’s stuck on 168 lbs. But on the bright side, my clothes are a little bit looser. I analyzed my nutrient intake on myfitnesspal and my protein intake has been around 15% and my carb intake around 50%. Definitely not ideal for fat loss. I am now aiming for I bought two new DVD programs this week: Les Mills Pump and DDPYoga. Each was over $100 apiece (although I opted for the payment plan with DDPYoga). I swear I am going to go broke buying workout programs. I just have two weeks of Insanity left. I will make it. I almost enjoy the workouts but I don’t think I will miss them. I strained an oblique muscle last week, most likely doing side suicide jumps, and it is slow to get better. I plan on having a complete review of Insanity some time soon.

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The Calm before the Storm

Recovery week of Insanity is complete. Shaun T’s idea of recovery that is. Granted, it is the easiest of the Insanity workouts so far, but that’s not saying much. I am looking forward to Month 2 though, doing Core Cardio and Balance all week has gotten old. I managed to get in ChaLEAN Push Circuit 3 and the Insanity Upper Body Workout this week. Turns out I am taking a another summer school class this summer, Biochemistry of all things. So I will be working hard to get all my workouts in just like last month. Oh well…

I have officially decided that my next Beachbody program will be Les Mills Pump. I chose that over P90X because 1) the workouts are shorter and with school in the fall and all my Zumba classes, 60 minutes workouts are not very appealing, 2)PUMP works the entire body, head to toe and 3)I have heard so many positive reviews about how motivating the music is in PUMP.

I am sure P90x is a great program and I may do it one day but I am excited about PUMP. If all goes as planned, I will finish Insanity Sunday, August 5. I go to Zumba Convention August 9 (cannot wait!!) and return on the 13th. So I will probably start PUMP the following week, August 19. That will take me to Thanksgiving. I ought to be in super shape by then. We shall see…

I may be trying a hormone free modified version of the HCG diet starting next week. I need to look at the protocol, but it is supposed to allow up to 1,000 calories/day. Since I will be in Summer School til August 3 from 10-4 everyday, this would be a good time to try it. I will be away from food most of the day for the first time in 7 years! (I work in a health food store six days/week, there is food everywhere!)

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Glass Half Empty

1. I had an A all semester in Organic Chemistry. I bombed the final and ended up with a B.

2. Just put $876 on my credit card for summer school tuition. The balance keeps going up and apparently I am not eligible for any student loans through the government.

3. Zero students showed up for my 4:30 Zumba class at the MAC today. Humiliating to say the least. Doubly frustrating because I left the ballet Coppelia early just to get there on time.

4. I teach Aqua Zumba in less than 24 hours and I have a warm up, cool down, and 1 routine. GREAT.

5. I am about two weeks behind on ChaLEAN Extreme. I am only in the second week of the Lean Phase and I can’t get in all my workouts to save my life.

6. I’m exhausted.

This is the story of my life.

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Digging myself deeper and deeper

I put up some Shakeology packets for sale on ebay again, but I was too lazy to take a picture of my box so I used a shakeology pic off the internet. My auctions were at $45 and $31 when Beachbody took down my auctions. One had less than 23 hours remaining. I was pretty mad. I took a picture of my box and promptly put them back up and since I was mad, I put up a third listing. thi s morning I find an email rom the “Compliance” Department stating I was violating my coach areement by selling products on ebay. and if I continued my coach account would be suspended if I continued and they carbon copied my coach. Well now, I”m pissed. Suspend my account. That would save me $150/month. I can buy any workout I want at the coach price off Amazon anyway. Good luck policing that Beachbody. I am too broke to care. I need the money. I cancelled my autoship with Beyond Organic. Network marketing companies are just money pits.

In other news, I didn’t show up for my Piloxing class this morning. I woke up late and since I haven’t had a soul ever in eight weeks, I figured why bother. So I didn’t. Pretty unclassy, I know, but I am getting pretty frustrated with the attendance at the studio. Including my Zumba Toning class. Breaking even just isn’t going to get it much longer, I need to start turning a profit or I am going to let it go. Getting all of these certifications isn’t looking like such a bright idea right now.

On the bright side, I may be able to graduate a year earlier. A class opened up this summer that allows me to take the senior sequence in the fall. I am crossing my fingers that all falls right in the spring. I go back and forth about the wisdom in going back to school with it crippling me financially. But I am reasonably confident, I made the right decision. I will know in a couple of years…

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Biting off more than I can chew

I am exhausted. Saturday was Aqua Zumba training. Fun and I am excited to start teaching it soon, but it wore me out.  Teaching four days a week combined with ChaLEAN Extreme is taking a toll, too. I have had a hard time all week getting my Push circuits in, I have just been so tired.  I have managed to get them all in but not my Burn Intervals and Burn it Off, but with all the cardio I do, I think I am okay. I am trying to get myself ALL sugar even agave, so I put last month’s Shakeology shipment on Ebay. I love the flavors but they have fructose and that is not helping the cause. The Tropical flavor isn’t sweetened with Fructose so I am going to try that out, plus it’s vegan and my body isn’t always crazy about whey. Chalene isn’t kidding about being hungry all the time with the weight training. I wake up starving and it’s maddening. I am adopting the eating every 2-3 hours philosophy. I finally have an excuse to snack, YES!

I finally got my Record of completion for Turbo Kick. It arrived with my PiYo certificate. Add that to my Aqua cert from Saturday and I now have SEVEN certifications. Whew! I start teaching Turbo Kick Thursday, of course, no one will probably show but I have still got to be ready. This means I need to tear myself away the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle Fire (I’m in book #3, Mockingjay) and get working.

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Plugging Along

Started Week 3 of ChaLEAN Extreme tonight. I was dead tired. Two intense hours of Zumba classes combined with residual soreness from Sunday’s PiYo Strength training. I do feel like I am making progress in my muscle tone though just two weeks in. I look forward to the workouts and I haven’t missed one yet!

I got another Zumba gig. This one is a big gym on Sunday afternoons so I am pretty excited. I have decided against going to Zumba convention. I really want to get my school bills paid off and spending $1000 to go Zumba convention is not smart. It sucks and I will be jealous of everyone who goes but I will stay and sub and make some money.

It’s getting crunch time for Aqua Zumba training. No weight loss, I am sticking within my fitness pal calorie allotment, but that takes into account exercise calories. I should probably just stick with 1200-1400 calories regardless of exercise. If I could just cut out the snacking….damn walnuts, why do they have to call my name.  Oh well, at least my clothes fit looser, there’s hope.

I survived PiYo Strength training Sunday. Not exactly sure what I think yet. It was tough, really tough. I officially hate Chaturanga! And I am definitely done with certifications, No more, No Mas!

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I need a name!

Week 1 down of ChaLEAN Extreme and I love it! I really look forward to the workouts. I can already tell a difference in my body. I am sure the third day of teaching Zumba helps but I know my body responds well to strength training. I like both flavors of Shakeology. I haven’t got myself in a habit of having it everyday for breakfast. 8 o’clock classes four days a week is a killer for breakfast. But at least I am getting to class on time. I have been using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and I have been doing a pretty decent job staying within my limits.

I plan on exhibiting at a health fair in town next month for my fitness/Beachbody business and I am also think about running a groupon for my Piloxing classes or maybe both Piloxing and TurboKick, if I ever get my TK results. But I need a name for my “business”. I have been racking my brain and using all kind of free name generators on the internet to no avail. I will come up with something but I really need a name by Friday. After someone was injured in my Zumba class Thursday that has been the kick in the pants I need to finally get my liability insurance, and I would like to list my business name on the insurance. But I need one first. Decisions, decisions…

PiYo training is Sunday. I am really looking forward to it, after doing Recovery on ChaLEAN extreme Sunday I can really see the benefit of stretching and flexibility. So I can really see PiYo being important for me personally, although I may never teach it. I can’t teach all these certifications, there just isn’t enough time in the day!

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Jumping on the Beachbody Train

Yesterday, I got my ChaLEAN Extreme workout DVD set and my Shakeology. This prompting me to spend an hour tonight putting up 12 workout DVDs I already own for sale on ebay. I just have too many now and they never get used. We shall see if any of them sell. I used to sell things like this on Amazon but they just take too much commission and in the past two weeks I have sold two pairs of Zumba pants (1 used) and some pointe shoes on ebay. I can certainly use the money…

My Beachbody eating plan is Balanced Slim, it is 1300 calories/day. The ChaLEAN extreme program recommends 1400 calories/day based on my current weight and MyFitnessPal recommends 1200 calories/day. So if I get in between 1200-1400 calories daily I should be doing pretty good. I have done well all week, yesterday was the highest at 1575, but I did get in an hour of Zumba Toning at least to offset the extra calories.

My Beachbody eating plan recommends three meals, with breakfast being Shakeology, and two snacks. No nuts recommended on ChaLEAN until I get to phase 2 in a month. That will be TOUGH. But I am actively trying to increase my Omega 3 intake because my Omega 3 ratio was too low when I had it tested back in October. Nuts are not going to help that goal anyway. I am taking at least 2,000 mg of combined EPA and DHA daily and trying to get in 3,000 to 6,000mg. Goodness knows, my aching body could use it too.

The plan is to do the fitness test this weekend and start the workout program on Tuesday. The 30 day plan has you working out on days 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. I need Wednesday as an off day since don’t get home til 10 pm and Monday works for another good off day since I don’t teach any fitness classes that day and it really would be a break for my body. Of course, this makes for a tough Tuesday since I already teach two classes AND I am trying to get a Piloxing class up and going on Tuesday morning which would make three. But I have to wear a bathing suit March 31, must get in gear….MUST GET IN GEAR!

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