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HCG Time

After a month of following a 30 day vegan challenge in support of my sister, I find myself 15 lbs heavier than my six week postpartum visit. I’m sure those pounds were there before the vegan challenge but I don’t have a scale and I can’t fit into any of my clothes so I couldn’t really gauge any progress. Last week, I had to get on the scale at the doctors office and it was devastating, traumatizing, a harsh, harsh dose of reality. I’m fat. Again. I was miserable all day Saturday but by Sunday morning I knew what I needed to do. The HCG Diet. I did a round of the HCG diet in either 2009 or 2010, I can’t remember for sure. I started at 188 and ended at 173. Fifteen pounds wasn’t a big number for thirty or forty days (I can’t remember how long I did it) but I looked completely different because it was fifteen pounds of fat. I had a piece of chocolate almost every day and was always around 600-650 calories. This time I’m in complete compliance, I can’t afford to waste potential weight loss on a craving.

I have been reading The Plant Paradox and Medical Medium Thyroid Healing so I decided to order some high quality meat for the diet. Who knows how much grain fattened meat affects our metabolism but I need all the help I can get so I ordered pastured chicken breast and extra lean grass fed beef from Grass Roots Coop online.

Monday and Tuesday were loading days, I didn’t stuff my face but made sure I ate some fatty food. I ate some Keto cheddar biscuits I made the day before, Katz Gluten Free mini pies, I had three pieces of Against The Grain pesto pizza, Big Italian unwich from Jimmy Johns, and a couple of Base Culture Paleo brownies on Monday. Tuesday I ate a Udi’s sausage/egg/cheese biscuit, three Pumpkin Spice Katz gluten free donuts, chicken thigh, two drumsticks, some avocado, and another Base Culture brownie. I bought two pounds of tilapia to get started. Wednesday morning I cooked six of my 100g portions and cooked enough spinach for the next three days. My first time meal prepping. So far, it’s been great and absolutely no cheating.


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Harsh Dose of Reality

I can’t think of many things worse than getting on the scale at the doctors office. Today was especially horrible. I haven’t been on the scale since before I went to Jamaica last fall. According to MyFitnessPal, I weighed in October 16 of last year at 169.5 lbs, which was bad enough. Today…180.6 lbs. OUCH!! Let me be honest, I know I’ve gained weight. My fat clothes are all tighter or just plain tight. I was expected 175, but to be back in the 180s is horrible. My weight hasn’t been this high since pre-HCG in 2010. Forget a plan at this point, I’m just doing straight up juice. I juice five days a week at work anyway. I just can’t believe I’ve gained 40 pounds since December 2013. My new husband must really love me because I’ve gained all that since we’ve been together. 

I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted. I have no one to blame but myself. But I haven’t done all of this mind work through yoga to beat myself up a thousand times. I screwed up, I have to fix it. I plan to report back July 31, I plan to be down 15 lbs. 


Fat, Not sick, and nearly tired

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Back from the Dead

It’s been awhile…

Actually it’s been forever. I was pretty non-existent in 2014. I can complain about being too busy but in reality I was too embarassed to post. After reaching my goal weight of 145 lbs in 2013, the pounds found their way back in 2014. I’m not exactly sure what the damage is, I haven’t been on a scale since I came back from SCW Atlanta Mania in July. I have a general idea of being somewhere in the neighborhood of 170 lbs seeing as I am back in all of my size 10 pants. It’s quite frustrating and devastating if I really allow myself to have a pity party. But I do not whine and cry about it constantly but other than my weight, life is pretty good. I completed my 200-hr yoga training this month and I am now an official yoga teacher…I am a stable relationship with a great guy..-I’ve paid off most of my student debt from my Nutrition Degree…I finally got my own Body Pump class…things are well, just not the damn waistline.

But those that live in the past are destined to stay there. I cannot do anything about the 20 lbs or so I have gained but it’s so hard to try and get them off. I’m on week 4 of Insanity Max 30. These workouts are CRAZY but I need to get my butt kicked. I’m still in great shape because I still teach a million classes and I’ve been into kettlebells for about 6 months. I did Sarah Lurie’s DVDs for awhile and I’ve taken live kettlebell classes at a local kettlebell gym, too. I still take hot yoga classes occasional but not as much as I used to, it’s hard getting up at 4:45 am.

My diet is, as always, my biggest enemy. I got an Ayurvedic consult in October (I was typed as a Vata-Pitta, always thought I was Kapha) and I’ve considered following the plan given to me but I just haven’t been convinced that a Vata diet is the right plan. So I continue to spin wheels. I paid $130 for the consult, I really should just follow the plan, huh? Hmmm….maybe so.

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Fatter by the Minute

The scale is moving the wrong way. After some positive steps with the Insanity program, I have gained several pounds since being on Les Mills PUMP. NO, it is not muscle. I have been doing 25-30 minutes HIIT workouts in addition to teaching my six Zumba classes a week. Obviously, this is not enough. So….the only option at this point is to go back on Insanity, still keeping my PUMP workouts and it’s time to try HCG again. I have a modified HCG plan called Slender Plus where you do 1,000 calories a day. I guess I will try that first, instead of the regular HCG. I know HCG works but someone needs to try Slender Plus and see if it works. The protocol is low carb, it calls for 2 5-oz servings of meat and a protein shake, low carb veggies, and 1 or 2 fruits. Fun days ahead…(not!)

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Damn Scale.

Day 16 of Insanity completed.  I weighed in this morning at 173.5 lbs. I haven’t weighed that much since January.  I’m too pissed to be frustrated. It shouldn’t be this damn hard. I have been working my tail off. 8 fitness classes a week + 6 Insanity workouts + myfitnesspal = 4 lb weight gain

So now instead of watching what I eat, snacking carefully, and logging my food I will have to obsess over every morsel of food and deprive myself. I have been eating between 1900 and 2200 calories a day. So that is getting slashed to 1500 calories. Secondly, I continue to do a poor job of restricting carbs, so here we go again, another break up with my friends fruit and bread. I am sick of having to starve myself to get any weight off. I really thought exercising and not overeating would get it. Clearly not. Sucks a fat one. I was doing better on ChaLEAN. I didn’t lose any weight, but at least I didn’t gain any. But I shouldn’t complain too much, I still have 45 more days to go.

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I am what I eat

If I eat like a pig, I will look like a pig. I did well two days this week.1100 calories on Tuesday and 1400 calories on Tuesday, then the wheels came off again.[sigh]

More and more depressed by the day. Will brush off and start over tomorrow. One day at a time. My name is Kim and I am a sugar junkie.

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The ongoing cycle

Yesterday’s Weigh-In: 169.5 lbs.

I should have been disappointed, but honestly I was elated. After all of the food I have been eating the past three weeks, I am lucky I haven’t crept back to the 170s, frankly I was expecting it. Unfortunately, I cannot blame the 4 lbs on water weight. I weighed in at Curves today and my body fat % has increased 1.2%. YIKES! All of my measurements have increased. All of my clothes have been snugger, I knew things haven’t been going well. Guess this was a good kick in the pants. If anyone ever asks what my talent is, I will answer “gaining weight”.

I went to Publix tonight and bought some frozen vegetables and some fish. I bought a huge bag of frozen chicken breasts Tuesday night in anticipation of a bad weigh in this week. Back to chicken, fish, and vegetables. I am currently shopping for some discipline on Ebay and Craigslist, because I clearly need some. In the event I don’t find any for sale, I’ll just have to weigh myself every morning as motivation. I would like to see the 150s before Thanksgiving. That’s my goal. Maybe I could wear my size 8 Old Navy Jeans that won’t zip now…that would be nice.

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