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Kettlebell Training…I’m coming for you!

I’ve been getting the itch to do a kettlebell training again. I started looking at everybody’s certification: Onnit Academy, Kettlebell Kings, IKFF, Kettlebell Concepts, and of course, the usuals, Strongfirst and Dragon Door. I was starting to consider Dragon Door’s new online certification (just what I need, another online course…not!) when searching on a Facebook, I found a post from two days ago that Dragon Door was offering 25% off the HKC certification. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF!!! I haven’t really considered the HKC in the past because it doesn’t cover of all of the exercises of the RKC or Strongfirst’s SFG1 certification. But those certifications are over $1000 and I just haven’t been able to justify spending that kind of money when I have no plans or means to train people. So in actuality, the HKC certification is perfect. It focuses on the swing, goblet squat, and Turkish getup. Three exercises I do extremely well and feel confident I could teach. It’s also less than half the cost of the the other trainings. With the sale and early bird pricing, I paid only $336.75, I’m ecstatic! Of course, this means I’ve got to get my bells out. I have haven’t swung a kettlebell since I was pregnant. I’ve got even more incentive to trim down and get in better shape. Training is in two months, did I mention I’m excited 🤗

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A Freakin’ Hiatus

So I’ve been seriously MIA. Big life changes have happened. Seven weeks ago I gave birth to a little girl. I’m living in a whole new world. I came off birth control in February of last year in hopes it would help me lose weight. It didn’t. A few months later, I was surprisingly pregnant. I weighed in at 195 lbs at my eight week appointment, I was mortified. My final weight in my last week of pregnancy was 212 lbs so I kept my pregnancy weight gain at a minimum. Last week at my six week checkup I was 197 lbs ☹️ I need to lose 30 lbs just to get to something reasonable. I’d like to do some fasting but I’m breastfeeding and struggling to make milk as it is, I’m sure fasting won’t help. I went to an Ayurvedic astrology consultation when I was eight months pregnant and I was told I was a Vata-Kapha. Vata Kapha certainly makes more sense than the Vata Pitta I had been typed as before. So, two Ayurvedic consults, two times being typed as a Vata. Apparently, I’m just a rare overweight Vata.

So how to get back into shape…I want to get back into kettlebells. My workout space has become storage for all my yoga props (100 blankets, 90 blocks, 20 meditation cushions, 20 yoga wheels), so I don’t know where I’ll workout, not to mention I can’t get my daughter to sleep on her own long enough for me to get a workout in. I’m also contemplating getting a kettlebell certification. There’s an RKC training about three hours away in November, that would give me six good months to train. RKC certification is only $899 now that it’s gone down to two days instead of three days. But will I use it? It too much money if I don’t use it, but I do love kettlebells. Gotta mane a decision by the early bird deadline May 18. I’ve already got at least three yoga trainings this year so I can finish up my 500 hour certificate. I’m also considering getting my Pilates mat certification. I taught Pilates as a course at University in the fall with zero training. I thought the class was going to get canceled due to not enough registrants but I was wrong and was totally unprepared. I’m slated to teach again in the fall but again I don’t know if the class will make. I’m teaching warm Pilates this summer for another instructor on hiatus but by the time I could get my mat certification, the teacher would be back. I don’t love Pilates so would it be $450 well spent? Decisions, decisions.

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