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My Diet Journey in pictures

Before ChaLEAN Extreme

Feb 2012 – Before ChaLEAN Extreme – 173 lbs


Aug 2012 – After Insanity – 164 lbs

152.5 lbs

July 2013 – 152.5 lbs

Finally after two years of blogging I am actually posting pictures. My weight topped at 213 lbs in 2008 before I started this journey. I started 2009 at 209 lbs and lost over 20 pounds on multiple Master Cleanse fasts in January and February of 2009. My weight plateaued at 188 lbs until I did the HCG diet in August/September of 2010. I lost 15 lbs and weighed in at 173 lbs. I never gained any weight after the HCG diet but subsequent attempts at following the diet again were unsuccessful. I weighed 173 lbs at Zumba instructor training in June 2011 and 173 lbs at Turbo Kick training in February 2012. My weight had been the same for going on 17 months when I started ChaLEAN extreme and started weight training and the scale finally started to move. Since then, I have lost 20 lbs. I actually have not done a lot of weight training the past eight months because teaching PiYo twice a week gets me enough strength training and I teach Body Pump occasionally. My weight loss the last four months has really been attributed to myfitnesspal. I been averaging around 1300-1600 calories/day. Usually once or twice a week I will eat 1800-2000 calories and once or twice a week I will have a day or two under 1000 calories. I think there is some truth to the intermittent fasting ideas I have read on Dr. Mercola’s website: The 5:2 Fast Diet I mentioned in last month’s post is one approach although I think its a bit extreme. There are lots of different books on the topic and I certainly have not had a chance to check them all out and give it an all-out endorsement. But it might be something to consider for those at a plateau as a way to wake up the metabolism.

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Juggling Elephants

The semester is winding down and thank goodness. I have managed to keep my head above water. Barely some days, but so far, pretty good. Just a few more weeks…My family is sick of me being gone all the time and I am too, but the fact that I have been in school since January 2011 and only in the past year has it been an inconvenience, I think that’s pretty good actually.

Group fitness classes are going pretty well. Aqua Zumba attendance is way up thanks to the new year and warmer weather. PiYo attendance is okay, not great but okay most of the time. Now, that they have a yoga class Thursday night, I am wondering if it hasn’t affected my class. Regular Zumba is rocking though.

Got my Body Pump results a few weeks ago. I didn’t pass, I got a witheld on my video. I am demoing in front of my Group X director tomorrow and she should sign off it and then I will be able to be officially certified. I have subbed three classes in the past two weeks. I really enjoy teaching it but I really look fat when I teach. What is up with that?! Speaking of my weight, it’s the same. But I swear, I look better somehow. Still too much jiggle and wiggle on the backside though 🙂

Went to AEA training March 15 in Knoxville. Pretty sure I failed. I was horribly unprepared. At least the training was very beneficial. I am glad I did it. I’ll get my results in a few weeks but I don’t think it will be close. Maybe I can retake it at the pre-con at Zumba convention in August. Which btw, I signed up for Zumba convention today. So excited!!

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The Magic Bullet

I believe I have come to the realization that the magic bullet is motivation. When people are truly motivated, there is very little one cannot accomplish. Without motivation, tasks take great effort and often fail. New Year’s is just around the corner and my exercise classes will be full with newly motivated individuals to get in shape. Our health food stores will be filled with newly motivated people who want to get healthy. But most of them will gone by February and most certainly by March, casualties of the cursed “New Year’s resolutions”. No real motivation behind their goals, a loose commitment at best, doomed to fail. I know it all too well. Not necessarily New Year’s resolutions, I don’t usually bother with such. But I am very well versed in lacking the motivation it takes to make true change.

So how does one obtain this magic bullet? Where does true motivation came from? And if we find it, how can we sustain it?

Today, I do not have the answer; BUT for the rest of this month I will be finding answers. Stay tuned…

In other news, I see I haven’t posted in three months. Yikes! The most exciting news is I am getting trained for Body Pump. This Saturday in Memphis is my training. I filed my Intent to Graduate form so barring a disaster, I will complete my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science in August. I have about two months to figure out what dietetic internships I am applying to. I have about a  50:50 shot of getting matched. I have been teaching PiYo in place of a regular Yoga class for three weeks at Parks & Rec (same place I teach Zumba & Aqua Zumba). I am really enjoying it; surprisingly, considering I didn’t love my training. Speaking of trainings I didn’t love, I went to All-Star Presenter Camp in October. I really didn’t know what I had signed up for but I had NO IDEA it was a two day training on verbal cueing. Whoops! I met some nice people but it was basically two hundred dollars down the drain.

My workout regimen has been kind of nonexistent outside of my seven group ex classes. I finished PUMP and attempted a Rev Abs/Insanity hybrid. That lasted all of two days. I don’t really care for RevAbs and School + learning PiYo really detailed me the last month, too. Les Mills Combat should ship in a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting started on something new. Right now I am working on Body Pump 84 for my training and my CPT cert that I need to knock out before next semester. I’m signed up for AEA certification in March and I need at least 6-8 weeks to study for that. It never ends.

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Biting off more than I can chew

I am exhausted. Saturday was Aqua Zumba training. Fun and I am excited to start teaching it soon, but it wore me out.  Teaching four days a week combined with ChaLEAN Extreme is taking a toll, too. I have had a hard time all week getting my Push circuits in, I have just been so tired.  I have managed to get them all in but not my Burn Intervals and Burn it Off, but with all the cardio I do, I think I am okay. I am trying to get myself ALL sugar even agave, so I put last month’s Shakeology shipment on Ebay. I love the flavors but they have fructose and that is not helping the cause. The Tropical flavor isn’t sweetened with Fructose so I am going to try that out, plus it’s vegan and my body isn’t always crazy about whey. Chalene isn’t kidding about being hungry all the time with the weight training. I wake up starving and it’s maddening. I am adopting the eating every 2-3 hours philosophy. I finally have an excuse to snack, YES!

I finally got my Record of completion for Turbo Kick. It arrived with my PiYo certificate. Add that to my Aqua cert from Saturday and I now have SEVEN certifications. Whew! I start teaching Turbo Kick Thursday, of course, no one will probably show but I have still got to be ready. This means I need to tear myself away the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle Fire (I’m in book #3, Mockingjay) and get working.

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Plugging Along

Started Week 3 of ChaLEAN Extreme tonight. I was dead tired. Two intense hours of Zumba classes combined with residual soreness from Sunday’s PiYo Strength training. I do feel like I am making progress in my muscle tone though just two weeks in. I look forward to the workouts and I haven’t missed one yet!

I got another Zumba gig. This one is a big gym on Sunday afternoons so I am pretty excited. I have decided against going to Zumba convention. I really want to get my school bills paid off and spending $1000 to go Zumba convention is not smart. It sucks and I will be jealous of everyone who goes but I will stay and sub and make some money.

It’s getting crunch time for Aqua Zumba training. No weight loss, I am sticking within my fitness pal calorie allotment, but that takes into account exercise calories. I should probably just stick with 1200-1400 calories regardless of exercise. If I could just cut out the snacking….damn walnuts, why do they have to call my name.  Oh well, at least my clothes fit looser, there’s hope.

I survived PiYo Strength training Sunday. Not exactly sure what I think yet. It was tough, really tough. I officially hate Chaturanga! And I am definitely done with certifications, No more, No Mas!

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