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What Now? Now What?

Ever since I finished my degree a month ago I have been struggling with what to do next. Three or four years ago I evaluated my life and made a list of goals. I was always complaining about my weight and a guy I was dating at the time (August 2007) told me if I didn’t like something about myself, change it. I didn’t like the comment. But it stuck with me and after a year or so I took the two things about myself I liked the least (my weight and my undergraduate degree) and decided to make goals to change them. It has taken some time but I finished my Nutrition Degree and my weight is pretty close to where it needs to be, SO NOW WHAT? I don’t know. I honestly do not know.

There are things I need to do like get my finances in order and pay off my school bills. There are things I would like to do but have no control over like getting married. But what to I want in life that is under my control? I don’t even know what I like to do anymore. I like teaching fitness classes but I don’t love it like I used to. I enjoy helping people at the store but something is missing. I don’t know if all of the turmoil in my personal life has just taken a toll (fighting back tears as I type) or if I have just reached a crossroads in my life. There’s no hurry to make new goals but life needs direction and I’m just not sure where I’m headed.

Should I apply for a dietetic internship? Should I resume or discontinue being a biofeedback technician? Should I take the exam to become a dietetic technician? Should I pursue another fitness certification like R.I.P.P.E.D. or Yoga? Can we build a bigger store one day? Should I stick around to see or should I leave and spread my wings? Should I date or does it make me too much of a basketcase? Am I losing my mind?

I. Just. Don’t. Know.

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Juggling Elephants

The semester is winding down and thank goodness. I have managed to keep my head above water. Barely some days, but so far, pretty good. Just a few more weeks…My family is sick of me being gone all the time and I am too, but the fact that I have been in school since January 2011 and only in the past year has it been an inconvenience, I think that’s pretty good actually.

Group fitness classes are going pretty well. Aqua Zumba attendance is way up thanks to the new year and warmer weather. PiYo attendance is okay, not great but okay most of the time. Now, that they have a yoga class Thursday night, I am wondering if it hasn’t affected my class. Regular Zumba is rocking though.

Got my Body Pump results a few weeks ago. I didn’t pass, I got a witheld on my video. I am demoing in front of my Group X director tomorrow and she should sign off it and then I will be able to be officially certified. I have subbed three classes in the past two weeks. I really enjoy teaching it but I really look fat when I teach. What is up with that?! Speaking of my weight, it’s the same. But I swear, I look better somehow. Still too much jiggle and wiggle on the backside though 🙂

Went to AEA training March 15 in Knoxville. Pretty sure I failed. I was horribly unprepared. At least the training was very beneficial. I am glad I did it. I’ll get my results in a few weeks but I don’t think it will be close. Maybe I can retake it at the pre-con at Zumba convention in August. Which btw, I signed up for Zumba convention today. So excited!!

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The Magic Bullet pt.2 and Tough Choices

So, I have determined motivation is key. Motivation comes from many sources. A speech, a picture, a goal…but motivation is simply a beginning, it provides no sustainability. How do you sustain motivation? Desire. How bad do you want the goal? Enough to do whatever it takes or only enough to start but not to finish. Willpower. Discipline is a must. And here is another key word: Belief. So what is belief?

The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another (thefreedictionary); a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing (merriam webster); confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof (dictionary.com)

I think it is safe to say for belief, one must have confidence. And confidence is always sorely lacking because it takes into account previous failure. So we have ingredients for success: motivation, desire, willpower, and belief. The next question is how can we put it all together. More to marinate on, stay tuned.

In the meantime, life happens…

I made the difficult decision today that I will not be applying for a dietetic internship this year. I had to heart to heart with my mom and while we would both like for me to finish all my requirements to become an RD, my hands are just too full. Or as I learned from one of my professors this week, I am juggling elephants. I have 19 hours of classes. I am teaching 7 fitness classes a week. And I am trying to run a business in the meantime. I can’t really make a good decision about where to apply let alone put together competitive applications. And frankly, after the summer semester, I know I will need a break and goodness knows my checkbook is pooped. Internships aren’t free. I am at peace with the decision, it sure does take a weight off. Maybe I will apply to be DTR (Dietetic Technician Registered) or maybe I will apply for internships in October instead but for now my focus is on this semester and my AEA certification in March. Turns out I only have to register for my personal trainer exam by my voucher expiration date, I don’t actually have to TAKE the exam by that date. Whew! Now I can take that exam in the summer either before or after my practicum.

My workouts are okay, could be better. My diet is okay, could be better. Guess I could use a little more motivation and willpower 🙂 But for now, homework.


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