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It’s time for a Cleanse

Today was Day of 1 of a planned six day fast. I had six glasses of Vibrant Healths’s master cleanse mix, Vibrant Cleanse. Add in three cups of Yogi Detox Tea and I’m currently sipping a cup of Dandelion root and peppermint tea. I’ve got a killer headache and I’m hungry but I’ve made it all day. I’ll be a yoga festival all day tomorrow and a yoga workshop Sunday morning so I won’t be around food. By the time Monday rolls around, I’ll be cursing at day four. I haven’t done a cleanse in a year and I don’t know how long since I’ve done a successful fast without cheating. Strange timing right before Thanksgiving but my first fast was a three day fast right before Thanksgiving my freshman year of college. I’m taking Renew Life’s Parasmart and Intestinew along with Sunny Green Total Greens. I’ll have to do a salt water flush or laxative tea at some point, probably Sunday afternoon. It is not ideal to wait that long but I’m doing nothing but yoga for the next 36 hours. I’ll see how my energy levels hold up, usually I thrive on a fast (with the exception of water fasting), but who knows I’m older now, LOL. 

I am officially starting my 300 hour yoga training in January. I’ve been looking at programs since I was in my 200 teacher training two years ago so I feel good about the one I’ve selected and I’m excited for this new journey. Yoga has really changed my life and my group exercise career. I didn’t really know what I was embarking on when I decided to become a yoga teacher but it’s been truly transformative. 

At this point, I’ve all but given up the idea of becoming a dietitian. I just don’t want to be a dietitian bad enough to turn my whole life upside down for the internship. I especially don’t like the idea of giving up my classes. That’s a huge realization for me. I love my job but I also love teaching yoga. Yes, there are days I want to go home or times I feel like a machine but if I didn’t teach I would literally lose a piece of myself. So being a dietitian won’t be in cards for me. Some day I might regret it but I don’t think so. I never wanted to be a dietitian in the way that’s it’s currently practiced. I’m not going to counsel people on MyPlate and other medical bullshit. I love herbs and supplements, and paleo diets, and Ayurveda. I like the blood type diet and cleansing, I hate artificial sweeteners and prescription drugs. I don’t ever think people should drink Ensure or Gatorade, and carbohydrates aren’t okay if there brown instead of white. I’m not that girl and I won’t pretend to be that girl for nine months during an unpaid internship. No thank you. You suck.  

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The Magic Bullet pt.2 and Tough Choices

So, I have determined motivation is key. Motivation comes from many sources. A speech, a picture, a goal…but motivation is simply a beginning, it provides no sustainability. How do you sustain motivation? Desire. How bad do you want the goal? Enough to do whatever it takes or only enough to start but not to finish. Willpower. Discipline is a must. And here is another key word: Belief. So what is belief?

The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another (thefreedictionary); a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing (merriam webster); confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof (dictionary.com)

I think it is safe to say for belief, one must have confidence. And confidence is always sorely lacking because it takes into account previous failure. So we have ingredients for success: motivation, desire, willpower, and belief. The next question is how can we put it all together. More to marinate on, stay tuned.

In the meantime, life happens…

I made the difficult decision today that I will not be applying for a dietetic internship this year. I had to heart to heart with my mom and while we would both like for me to finish all my requirements to become an RD, my hands are just too full. Or as I learned from one of my professors this week, I am juggling elephants. I have 19 hours of classes. I am teaching 7 fitness classes a week. And I am trying to run a business in the meantime. I can’t really make a good decision about where to apply let alone put together competitive applications. And frankly, after the summer semester, I know I will need a break and goodness knows my checkbook is pooped. Internships aren’t free. I am at peace with the decision, it sure does take a weight off. Maybe I will apply to be DTR (Dietetic Technician Registered) or maybe I will apply for internships in October instead but for now my focus is on this semester and my AEA certification in March. Turns out I only have to register for my personal trainer exam by my voucher expiration date, I don’t actually have to TAKE the exam by that date. Whew! Now I can take that exam in the summer either before or after my practicum.

My workouts are okay, could be better. My diet is okay, could be better. Guess I could use a little more motivation and willpower 🙂 But for now, homework.


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The Magic Bullet

I believe I have come to the realization that the magic bullet is motivation. When people are truly motivated, there is very little one cannot accomplish. Without motivation, tasks take great effort and often fail. New Year’s is just around the corner and my exercise classes will be full with newly motivated individuals to get in shape. Our health food stores will be filled with newly motivated people who want to get healthy. But most of them will gone by February and most certainly by March, casualties of the cursed “New Year’s resolutions”. No real motivation behind their goals, a loose commitment at best, doomed to fail. I know it all too well. Not necessarily New Year’s resolutions, I don’t usually bother with such. But I am very well versed in lacking the motivation it takes to make true change.

So how does one obtain this magic bullet? Where does true motivation came from? And if we find it, how can we sustain it?

Today, I do not have the answer; BUT for the rest of this month I will be finding answers. Stay tuned…

In other news, I see I haven’t posted in three months. Yikes! The most exciting news is I am getting trained for Body Pump. This Saturday in Memphis is my training. I filed my Intent to Graduate form so barring a disaster, I will complete my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science in August. I have about two months to figure out what dietetic internships I am applying to. I have about a  50:50 shot of getting matched. I have been teaching PiYo in place of a regular Yoga class for three weeks at Parks & Rec (same place I teach Zumba & Aqua Zumba). I am really enjoying it; surprisingly, considering I didn’t love my training. Speaking of trainings I didn’t love, I went to All-Star Presenter Camp in October. I really didn’t know what I had signed up for but I had NO IDEA it was a two day training on verbal cueing. Whoops! I met some nice people but it was basically two hundred dollars down the drain.

My workout regimen has been kind of nonexistent outside of my seven group ex classes. I finished PUMP and attempted a Rev Abs/Insanity hybrid. That lasted all of two days. I don’t really care for RevAbs and School + learning PiYo really detailed me the last month, too. Les Mills Combat should ship in a couple of weeks. I look forward to getting started on something new. Right now I am working on Body Pump 84 for my training and my CPT cert that I need to knock out before next semester. I’m signed up for AEA certification in March and I need at least 6-8 weeks to study for that. It never ends.

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