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The Heartbreak Diet

Weighed in this morning at 147.5 pounds. I’ve lost ten pounds in about five weeks which is pretty significant and very noticeable. I’m starting to get the “withering away” and “you need a sandwich”comments which is hilarious because I’m barely into a size 6. All of my size 6 pants fit and I didn’t keep anything smaller except for some size 4 pantsuits, haven’t tried those yet. Two and a half pounds from my goal then my focus turns to more toning. I figure I must have about 7-8 pounds more muscle than I did when I was this size in 2003/2004 because I weighed between 136-143 lbs when I fit into these same clothes before. Muscle and fat weigh the same but muscle takes up less space.

So what prompted all of this weight loss after 2.5 years of minimal weight loss: Dating. Food just isn’t as exciting when I’m dating. I eat less. Maybe I’m subconsciously a little more motivated but there is something to it because I always lose weight when I have a boyfriend. Five weeks ago my boyfriend and I broke up and my appetite went with the relationship. There were a few days I didn’t make it to 1200 calories or get even close. That’s been the catalyst for my recent weight loss, hence “The Heartbreak Diet”. Most of the days were sandwiched between days I ate more so it kind of resembled the 5:2 diet or 4:3 diet I’ve blogged about previously (2 or 3 500-calories days in between regular days). I think that prevented my metabolism from slowing down and seemed to actually help my metabolism. It hasn’t hurt that I’ve been subbing a lot of classes in addition to my own teaching load. And I’m still tracking my calories on myfitnesspal everyday. I have consistently been eating 1,100-1,900 calories/day. I have been eating some carbs including a small dessert everyday such as a Jennie’s macaroon, Amy’s Gluten Free Cookies, or a Nana’s gluten-free cookie.

I tried out a couple of hot yoga classes last week and loved them. Can’t wait to go back this week. I might turn into a yogi yet….

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My Diet Journey in pictures

Before ChaLEAN Extreme

Feb 2012 – Before ChaLEAN Extreme – 173 lbs


Aug 2012 – After Insanity – 164 lbs

152.5 lbs

July 2013 – 152.5 lbs

Finally after two years of blogging I am actually posting pictures. My weight topped at 213 lbs in 2008 before I started this journey. I started 2009 at 209 lbs and lost over 20 pounds on multiple Master Cleanse fasts in January and February of 2009. My weight plateaued at 188 lbs until I did the HCG diet in August/September of 2010. I lost 15 lbs and weighed in at 173 lbs. I never gained any weight after the HCG diet but subsequent attempts at following the diet again were unsuccessful. I weighed 173 lbs at Zumba instructor training in June 2011 and 173 lbs at Turbo Kick training in February 2012. My weight had been the same for going on 17 months when I started ChaLEAN extreme and started weight training and the scale finally started to move. Since then, I have lost 20 lbs. I actually have not done a lot of weight training the past eight months because teaching PiYo twice a week gets me enough strength training and I teach Body Pump occasionally. My weight loss the last four months has really been attributed to myfitnesspal. I been averaging around 1300-1600 calories/day. Usually once or twice a week I will eat 1800-2000 calories and once or twice a week I will have a day or two under 1000 calories. I think there is some truth to the intermittent fasting ideas I have read on Dr. Mercola’s website: The 5:2 Fast Diet I mentioned in last month’s post is one approach although I think its a bit extreme. There are lots of different books on the topic and I certainly have not had a chance to check them all out and give it an all-out endorsement. But it might be something to consider for those at a plateau as a way to wake up the metabolism.

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Long and Lean

May 2nd I reached another milestone. I weighed in at 157.5 lbs. I’ve been holding strong at 158-159 lbs since. Feels great to get to the 150s, now I just have to stay focused and work towards 149.5; honestly, I think I’ll be happy there. Most of my size 8 pants fit great just one old pair of Old Navy Flare Jeans won’t quite fit yet.

Started P90X2 last week. Hate it. BORING!!! Tony Horton just isn’t my cup of tea. I’d rather do anything else in my ever expanding collection. In fact, I plan on doing Body Pump 86 tonight. Plus, the workouts are so long…and worse, they drag on forever. I paid $70 for the set on eBay so I will use it but I’m going to have to find some workouts I like first. So far Plyocide, X2, and Total Body are not it. Haven’t tried the Yoga yet. I might like it, we shall see.

Sticking with myfitnesspal but I’ve been eating WAY too much lately. Too many nuts. It’s funny because I can eat 3,000 calories of nuts and not gain an ounce but eat only 1600 calories with two pieces of bread and gain a pound. Am I a protein type or what?

I am fascinated with the 5:2 Diet, where you fast two non-consecutive days a week. I borrowed the book from Amazon (gotta love Amazon Prime) but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying my month off from school. After all the bellyaching I got 6 As and 1 B. Just one more semester….

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