T25 vs. P90X3

I finished T25 last week by subbing gamma workouts for the beta workouts. I liked the gamma workout a lot better but I am still not impressed with the program. After 10 weeks of T25, I actually gained 4 lbs! Horrific. After starting P90X3 this week, I can already tell this is a much better program.

With X3, there is a lot of functional training. There are alternating levels of intensity. With T25, it’s mostly mindless (and fairly unchallenging) cardio with some core work and a little bit of weights. Now mind you, a beginner exerciser is going to think the workouts kick their butt, but if you are in good shape already and are looking for a way to maximize workouts in a minimum amount of time, this is not the answer. Do some tabata workouts or other HIIT style workouts for 25 minutes.

With X3, I feel like I will be stronger and in better shape in 90 days. With X2, the workouts were too long and while challenging, they were dull. The 30 minutes workouts are a perfect length. Tony is quirky but his personality does not get on my nerves like it did in X2. I actually find him like able this time.

I’ll be reporting on my results as I progress through the program.

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3 thoughts on “T25 vs. P90X3

  1. mik1999 says:

    I think you nailed it w your observation on x3 being more of a HIIT program and the evidence is that these work better than the Shawn t styled predominately cardio workouts

  2. JulianeAshley says:

    Did you take measurements before starting the program? Gaining “weight” doesn’t mean the program didn’t work, as it may be muscle (muscle weighs more than fat) or not adjusting your food plan appropriately. I’m starting T25 on Wednesday so hopefully I’ll have a better experience 🙂

    • Kimberly says:

      Oh believe me, I’m not blaming T25 for the weight gain that is 100% my fault. My calorie intake has been too high. I gained weight the first month of insanity, too. I hope you like T25. I think it is a decent program, not challenging enough for Insanity grads and I wish it incorporated some strength training in the Alpha phase.

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