Getting out of hand

142-5  I’ve lost five pounds since Sunday 😮

I’m getting ready to sub my third class of the week and I’ve been to Hot Yoga three times. I didn’t eat enough Wednesday and yesterday I was too sad to eat. My sister says I need to snap out of it and she’s right. My ex boyfriend isn’t worth all of the tears and starving myself over. I’ve gone past my goal weight so I guess I’ll either have to start maintenance because I’ll still probably lose another 3-4 lbs with more subbing and Zumba Convention coming up and I don’t need to lose anymore. People are starting to ask me if I’m sick or have a health problem…Probably because I’ve been looking to damn sad. Not anymore. I’m at my goal weight I should be elated. It’s taken me a real long time to get here. I haven’t seen this side of 145 since 2005 when I gained thirty pounds in about three months. Never again, way to hard to get it back off.

I’ll be back to post later about Garden of Life’s RAW Fit which I believed has helped me reach my goal and I need lots of positive vibes to pass my personal trainer exam in 10 days!!!

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One thought on “Getting out of hand

  1. Lauren Owen says:

    Good luck on your exam!!

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