The Heartbreak Diet

Weighed in this morning at 147.5 pounds. I’ve lost ten pounds in about five weeks which is pretty significant and very noticeable. I’m starting to get the “withering away” and “you need a sandwich”comments which is hilarious because I’m barely into a size 6. All of my size 6 pants fit and I didn’t keep anything smaller except for some size 4 pantsuits, haven’t tried those yet. Two and a half pounds from my goal then my focus turns to more toning. I figure I must have about 7-8 pounds more muscle than I did when I was this size in 2003/2004 because I weighed between 136-143 lbs when I fit into these same clothes before. Muscle and fat weigh the same but muscle takes up less space.

So what prompted all of this weight loss after 2.5 years of minimal weight loss: Dating. Food just isn’t as exciting when I’m dating. I eat less. Maybe I’m subconsciously a little more motivated but there is something to it because I always lose weight when I have a boyfriend. Five weeks ago my boyfriend and I broke up and my appetite went with the relationship. There were a few days I didn’t make it to 1200 calories or get even close. That’s been the catalyst for my recent weight loss, hence “The Heartbreak Diet”. Most of the days were sandwiched between days I ate more so it kind of resembled the 5:2 diet or 4:3 diet I’ve blogged about previously (2 or 3 500-calories days in between regular days). I think that prevented my metabolism from slowing down and seemed to actually help my metabolism. It hasn’t hurt that I’ve been subbing a lot of classes in addition to my own teaching load. And I’m still tracking my calories on myfitnesspal everyday. I have consistently been eating 1,100-1,900 calories/day. I have been eating some carbs including a small dessert everyday such as a Jennie’s macaroon, Amy’s Gluten Free Cookies, or a Nana’s gluten-free cookie.

I tried out a couple of hot yoga classes last week and loved them. Can’t wait to go back this week. I might turn into a yogi yet….

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