It’s My Party and I Cry If Want To

Today is my birthday, probably the worst one I’ve had since 2005 (nothing will ever touch that one). School is the main reason. This is the second of what will be three long nights in a row. The fumes I’ve been running on are gone. I have nothing left, nothing. I am completely spent. The caffeine I’m running on isn’t helping, it makes me a complete basketcase. Two days left, if I can just make it….if I could just stop crying…

P90X2 is purchased and on its way. I look forward to getting back in the game, I’ve been dragging in my Aqua Zumba classes lately and I feel like I need to build my endurance back up.

I thought about doing Brazil Butt Lift, too. But after losing three auctions for it on ebay today, I’m thinking maybe I’ll just do my Jillian Michael’s Killer Buns and Thighs dvd (which I’ve had for like a year and it’s still in the plastic). Looking at barre workouts too. Still haven’t used that expensive barre I bought like two years ago. Of course, my exercise room is in need of TLC since a shelf fell down a few weeks back and I haven’t had time to fix it or pick up anything that fell on the floor. Time. Such a precious thing…just need more of it. Hopefully, in a few more days, if I haven’t gone completely nuts. Here’s to keeping my sanity long enough to avoid collapsing into fetal position in the back of my closet.

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