Getting in Gear

Is it terrible that I’m posting in the middle of class? Seven more school days left in this semester. I. Cannot. Wait.

I’ve been logging all my food on myfitnesspal. I had my master cleanse interrupted in Day 3 by a date but I’ve still managed to get back to my post-Zumba convention weight of 161.5 lbs. Two more pounds before I see the 150s! Can I get there by my birthday one week from today? That is the goal. Fingers crossed….

I put up Les Mills Combat and DDP Yoga for sale on eBay yesterday. I just didn’t get into to either of them so no point in having them around collecting dust. I’ve decided I’m going to do P90X2 when school gets out. I had planned in doing Asylum but after some consideration I decided on P90X2 instead. I haven’t done the original P90X but it seems more built for muscle growth and X2 is more emphasis on building core strength which sounds perfect for me right now. I haven’t ruled out Asylum, especially if I end up getting Insanity certified in August, but it’s on the back burner for now. Also, Shaun T has a new program coming out called T25 which is only 25 minutes a day and I will be all over that 🙂

In other news, I passed my AEA exam!!! An absolute miracle because I did not study beforehand. I don’t recommend that by the way. The only thing that saved me is my nutrition classes, group ex certification, and my personal training study.

Went to a Les Mills quarterly a couple of weekends ago. It was interesting but I’m not sure I would go to another one. I LOVED Body Attack and Body Flow. I didn’t like Body Jam (Zumba is infinitely better). I was meh on Body Combat (Turbo Kick is more my style). I liked RPM okay but the seat was so uncomfortable and I don’t have spinning shoes so I would have to invest in some shoes and a cushion before I jumped on the spinning bandwagon.

Enough for now, once school is out I will post a lot more. So much to say just no time to say it.

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