The Trouble with Carbs

CarbEaters Anonymous

Me: My name is Kim and I am a CarbEater

Members: “Hi Kim”

Yesterday at 4:30 pm, I opened a package of Glutino Vanilla Sandwich Cookies. I ate half the package yesterday and today I ate the other half minus 3 cookies. I was saving the last three cookies for after Zumba. After class, disgusted with myself, I threw the last three cookies out of my car window. It was symbolic.

I have let my eating get out of hand since Zumba convention. I haven’t been logging my food on myfitnesspal, which hasn’t helped. I haven’t been getting enough protein and I have been eating sandwiches again, which makes me crave carbs like crazy. And last week, I had two full packages of Against the Grain bagels. [sigh] The neverending cycle.

Every time I get like this, I bear in my mind my metabolic types: parasympathetic dominant, Thyroid body type, Kapha Dosha, Type O Blood. Sugar is the worst thing for parasympathetic dominance, thyroid type, and kapha dosha. Low carb diets are recommended for parasympathetic, thyroid type, and Type O. Fats and sugar causes Kapha imbalance (I overeat two things, nuts or sweets). WHY IS THIS SO DAMN HARD?! Clearly, I need to follow some combination of the diets, so here goes (YES, again – this is a diet blog, if at first, I don’t succeed…).

Most authors I have read in the past  several years (and I have read a lot) find some validity in the blood type theories, but specifically with the “avoid” foods. They haven’t found much validity to the “beneficial” foods. When I was thin, I religiously avoided my avoid foods. Perhaps my body likes beef more than chicken or walnuts more than almonds, but it definitely I could tell my body didn’t like avoids like sunflower seeds or wheat (which I later found out I was severely gluten intolerant). A few years ago, D’adamo came out with the Genotype Diet, supposedly an improvement on the blood type diet, but I just found it distracting and inconsistent with his earlier books. I prefer Live Right for Your Type or Allergies: Fight Them With the Blood Type Diet.

Following a Kapha Dosha inspired plan alone would cut out nuts and all sweeteners.  It would also cut out sweet, heavy fruits like dates, bananas, avocadoes, oranges, pineapple, grapes, grapefruit, and melons. Both the Kapha Diet and Type O Diet are pretty restrictive of dairy. I have done a lot more dairy lately because it hasn’t bothered me for the first time in about 7 years, but it’s also very easy to cut out. Grains are very controversial, they are not helpful for any of my body types. The Kapha diet specifically discourages oats, rice, and wheat but recommends millet, corn, buckwheat, and rye. My parasympathetic dominance plan from recommends avoiding corn, millet, and buckwheat. Go figure. So I consult other sources. Protein Power Lifeplan recommends avoiding, wheat, corn, millet, and rye because they are inflammatory and have connections to autoimmune disorders. The Blood Type Diet pretty much recommends cutting out all grains save for Ezekial bread, which of course is always out. This is exactly why a person should follow one plan, so to simplify things I am just going to focus on the Kapha recommendations, I can always fine tune it later. As far as my overall intake, as “protein type”, I should eat 40-50% of my calories from protein, 20-30% from carbs, and the rest from fat. That basically breaks down to a max of 50 grams of fat and 112 grams of carbs. Not hard, just need to execute.

Dear carbs,

We must stop this on-and-off again relationship, we clearly cannot be friends. I will need you to leave me alone. I will do my best to ignore you, but if you keep insist on stalking me, I will be forced to take more drastic measures. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yours Truly, Kim

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3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Carbs

  1. Jackie says:

    Loved your post. I wrote very similar one just the other day called Cranky About Carbs.

  2. Krystal says:

    Didn’t you eat a sandwich today?
    I didn’t know about those cookies!
    p.s. I’m going to start watching you. ^_^

  3. Hi, Kim. I feel your pain. As a Type O, I gave up gluten almost 20 years ago (yes, thanks to Eat for Your Blood Type) & have never looked back. In the last few years, I’ve eliminated grains & recreational sugar entirely and started eating more fat, a la the primal/paleo diet. While that worked well for awhile, I soon discovered that (as a kapha!) coconut, avocados & almonds were not helping. In just the last few weeks, I’ve switched to walnuts, pumpkin & sunflower seeds — some Ayurveda sites suggest these for Kapha types & my energy level has really evened out; I also dropped several pounds that had crept up over the holidays. You’re right that it’s confusing to have so many different plans, the most important thing, as you point out, is to experiment and find out what works for you. Speaking of “typing,” I recently visited a 5-factor personality assessment website (from reading The Happiness Project) & discovered that I am not only very responsive to rewards, but also scored almost the top of conscienciousness, which means my self-control is quite good. You may enjoy taking this quiz as well, as I found it quite revealing about my food/lifestyle choices.

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