Killer Workouts

Today’s Workout:
Les Mills PUMP Pump & Burn
Cathe HIIT 40/20
Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones

no Aqua Zumba, off for Labor Day

Enjoyed my day off (a RARE day off). Spent most of the day watching a Pawn Stars marathon and US Open tennis. Got in three tough workouts and my right knee is feeling it. It is not getting better. Mh last two PUMP workouts have been killer. I increased my squat and chest/back tracks and I am spent by the end. Cathe Friedrich’s 40/20 HIIT is tough. Forty seconds on, twenty seconds off but I liked it much better than the 30/30 HIIT and it was easier to follow. I am not used to step workouts so I get a little lost in the warmup but surely I will get the hang of it. And Jillian…damn, she is no joke. This workout reminds me of Insanity because ten minutes in I am already dying and wondering when it will be over and then at the end I am like, “I made it!” That’s the kind of workout that will change your body. If I like Killer Buns and Thighs as much, I will seriously have to get Six Week Six Pack or her new one, Killer Abs.

Failing miserably getting in my yoga. At this rate DDP Yoga will be collecting dust. I will have to abandon the three month plan and just try different workouts until I find one that I like. Then maybe I will do it three times a week. I can go back to Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, but I didn’t pay $119 for that đŸ˜®

I have been using Bluebonnet Nutrition’s new Extreme Edge line of sports nutrition products. I have been using the Pre- and Post-workout drink mixes. I think it helps. Time will tell tor sure, stay tuned.

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