Afterglow and Progress

Monday, I got back from four glorious days at Zumba Convention. Tuesday, I weighed in at 161.5 lbs, this is my lowest weight since 2006. I am very encouraged to continue on my journey.

I started Les Mills PUMP Monday. I had not planned on starting until Thursday but I couldn’t wait, I was so excited. I love it already. I really like using the barbell as opposed to using dumbbells for a change. I have been doing my HIIT workouts on lift days. Several sources online recommend doing HIIT workouts after lifting which makes sense. I was inclined to do them the other way around. So far I have done Turbo Fire HIIT 30 and Cathe Friedrich’s HIIT 30/30. Liked the Turbo Fire one a lot, Cathe not so much. I am getting the itch to do Insanity. I just feel like I am not working out enough or hard enough. I feel like I am slacking. Welcome to life after Insanity. No workout measures up. I am really trying to give this plan a month before giving in to an Insanity/PUMP hybrid.

Started DDP Yoga this week also. I don’t really understand how this program is good for weight loss but I am giving it a whirl. So far I have only done the Diamond Dozen and Energy. I am following the Intermediate Plan, so I will be doing DDP Yoga on days after PUMP.

I’m a little more drained than I have been even though I am working out less which is strange. May be time for me to break down and take a multivitamin.

If I can get my financial aid squared away for this semester (I had to break down and apply for Sallie Mae-ouch!), then I will be pursuing my personal trainer certification through ACE. I was going to wait until I finished school and my first AFAA renewal was up but there may be some opportunities on the horizon and I want to go ahead and knock it out. Stay tuned.

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