Taking a Toll

Not only is Insanity taking a toll on my body but the hour long workouts once I get home at 8 or 9 pm in the evenings are seriously hurting my studying for Biochemistry. I got a D on my last exam and there were a couple of nights I was simply too tired to study after doing my workouts or I was working out instead of studying. Tonight I had to make the decision to skip today’s Insanity workout in favor of my studies. I plan on making the workout up either on Max Recovery day or Rest Day, but school has to take a priority. I have sacrified far too much financially, emotionally, and at work to let my schooling take a backseat.

In other news, I got my DDPYoga today. It was 3 DVDs that arrived in a flat rate priority envelope. Why on earth was I charged $14.95 for shipping?! Rip-off. These workouts better be awesome. The 3  DVDs cost me $120 (not including the ridiculous shipping).

In yet more news, I was caught selling Shakeology again, this time on Amazon. This despite, my trying to be careful, I actually had my sister selling 21 packets for me on ebay. After I had to shell out $3900 for a new A/C this month, I have been desperate for cash. I guess it’s a good thing I bought PUMP already, wouldn’t be able to buy it now. I wanted the cross-training dvds next month, but really, it’s not that serious. I do enough cardio as it is and I have Insanity, about 13 round of Turbo Kick, and a treadmill if I really need more cardio. I might be able to still purchase items at 10% off as a Team Beachbody member, I don’t know, or even care at this point. I couldn’t afford PUMP so it is probably a blessing in disguise. And I never made a cent as a coach anyway. And my Beachbody coach, who now lives 2o minutes away, is moving to Texas (over 1000 miles away).

Off to go work on a lab report due in the morning. The plan tomorrow is to work out in the morning.

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