Insanity Month 1 Results

Today’s weigh-in: 168 lbs (no loss/gain)
Waist: 29.5 (2.5 inch loss since October, last time I measured)
Hips: 39 (no data)
Biceps: 11.75 (-.25 since October)
Thigh: 27 (+1.5?)
Thighs: 43 (no change)
Abdomen: 34 (no data)

I missed two recovery workouts and one cardio abs workout, but got in everything else including one upper body workout and one fast & furious workout.

Goals for month 2 are to get weights in three times a week, either ChaLEAN or the Insanity Upper Body Workout. Obviously, I want to lose some weight but I will be looking for loss in inches this go around, too.

July Goals
Goal weight: 162 lbs
Net loss of 1 inch in abdomen, hips, and thighs
Get my daily carbohydrate intake under 100g
Drink more water
Remember to take raspberry ketones to see if they actually work

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