The Making of an Insaniac

Insanity Day 9 – so far so good
Haven’t missed a workout, in fact, I did Pure Cardio and the Fast & Furious DVD back-to-back tonight. And they was after a pretty grueling Aqua Zumba class before. Aqua is kicking my butt! All of the jumping, one leg work, plus the 90+ degree heat, it’s pretty brutal. Turnout had been great though and I couldn’t be happier. I have most of the routines down.

June challenge group is going pretty good. I am keeping track of my calories. I could be doing better with the carbs but I am keeping my total calories near my goal of 1,900.

Turnout for my Turbokick class was great last week! I hope it continues to be sucesssful, I really love teaching it. Things continue to suck at “the Palace˝. Subbing for one of the morning instructors didn’t help, the turnout was not good.  Every week I am on the verge of giving up completely but I keep trucking, keep hoping.

People keep complimenting me on my “weight loss”; unfortunately, the scale isn’t moving. In fact, last week my weigh-in was 2 lbs up. Poo! No worries, many Insanity workouts left. And they are tough; but I gotta say, Zumba has gotten me in pretty darn good shape. I am quite proud of my performance thus far.

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