Going Insane, literally

So, I joined a June Challenge group mentored by my Beachbody coach. We are to workout 5 days a week, log our food and drink Shakeology everyday. Three days in, I am eating WAY too much. Too many carbs, of course. I am cutting out grains altogether, the bloat has been on for a few weeks since I ate out several times for my sisters birthday in May. It’s a tough life for a celiac when eating out. To make matters worse, I have eaten three Against the Grain gourmet pizzas (DELICIOUS, but sooo many calories) in the past week and a half. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately which means too much dairy and too much sugar. Why does all the bad food have to taste so darn good! But the plan is to start using Shakeology for breakfast and another protein shake for lunch. I am a protein shake junkie after all 🙂

Clearly, I am off suspension from Beachbody and they wasted no time sending my Shakeology home direct. I completed ChaLEAN Extreme. I finished with no weight loss, a little loss in my outer thighs and some slight muscle definition in my arms. Overall, very disappointing results especially with all the cardio from teaching. CLEARLY, I have a calorie intake issue so I am back on myfitnesspal and I easily consume 3,000+ calories/day. This is priority #1 for this month, getting my calories to 1,900 or less. To help matters along, I ordered Insanity. I completed my fit test today with is Day 1, so here goes…If doing Insanity and teaching six days a week doesn’t move the scale, it will be back to starvations with master cleansing and/or HCG. But first, I am going Insane!

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