Jumping off the Beachbody Train

So, now my Beachbody account has been suspended and three days from now it will be terminated. Wait a second, while I go cry. Boo-freaking-hoo! I hate MLM! I don’t have $150/month to waste on this nonsense. I like Shakeology but not for $99/month. I have a bazillion protein shakes at my disposal at my health food store. I have never liked the weekly fee Beachbody charges you for “Team Beachbody”. It’s a racket. Congratulations to people who have time to sell this stuff. I don’t have time and I definitely don’t have money to waste. I will still do my ChaLEAN Extreme and when I finish next month, I will still buy Insanity and maybe eventually P90X. But I will buy it used off Amazon or (goodness forbid) Ebay. When I signed up for Beachbody, it was my intent to sign the store up under me and sell Beachbody products at the store. It wasn’t until after I had already signed up that I found out you weren’t allowed to sell their products in retail establishments. I am moving on. Maybe, I should look into Jillian’s new Body Revolution.

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