Digging myself deeper and deeper

I put up some Shakeology packets for sale on ebay again, but I was too lazy to take a picture of my box so I used a shakeology pic off the internet. My auctions were at $45 and $31 when Beachbody took down my auctions. One had less than 23 hours remaining. I was pretty mad. I took a picture of my box and promptly put them back up and since I was mad, I put up a third listing. thi s morning I find an email rom the “Compliance” Department stating I was violating my coach areement by selling products on ebay. and if I continued my coach account would be suspended if I continued and they carbon copied my coach. Well now, I”m pissed. Suspend my account. That would save me $150/month. I can buy any workout I want at the coach price off Amazon anyway. Good luck policing that Beachbody. I am too broke to care. I need the money. I cancelled my autoship with Beyond Organic. Network marketing companies are just money pits.

In other news, I didn’t show up for my Piloxing class this morning. I woke up late and since I haven’t had a soul ever in eight weeks, I figured why bother. So I didn’t. Pretty unclassy, I know, but I am getting pretty frustrated with the attendance at the studio. Including my Zumba Toning class. Breaking even just isn’t going to get it much longer, I need to start turning a profit or I am going to let it go. Getting all of these certifications isn’t looking like such a bright idea right now.

On the bright side, I may be able to graduate a year earlier. A class opened up this summer that allows me to take the senior sequence in the fall. I am crossing my fingers that all falls right in the spring. I go back and forth about the wisdom in going back to school with it crippling me financially. But I am reasonably confident, I made the right decision. I will know in a couple of years…

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