Biting off more than I can chew

I am exhausted. Saturday was Aqua Zumba training. Fun and I am excited to start teaching it soon, but it wore me out.  Teaching four days a week combined with ChaLEAN Extreme is taking a toll, too. I have had a hard time all week getting my Push circuits in, I have just been so tired.  I have managed to get them all in but not my Burn Intervals and Burn it Off, but with all the cardio I do, I think I am okay. I am trying to get myself ALL sugar even agave, so I put last month’s Shakeology shipment on Ebay. I love the flavors but they have fructose and that is not helping the cause. The Tropical flavor isn’t sweetened with Fructose so I am going to try that out, plus it’s vegan and my body isn’t always crazy about whey. Chalene isn’t kidding about being hungry all the time with the weight training. I wake up starving and it’s maddening. I am adopting the eating every 2-3 hours philosophy. I finally have an excuse to snack, YES!

I finally got my Record of completion for Turbo Kick. It arrived with my PiYo certificate. Add that to my Aqua cert from Saturday and I now have SEVEN certifications. Whew! I start teaching Turbo Kick Thursday, of course, no one will probably show but I have still got to be ready. This means I need to tear myself away the Hunger Games trilogy on my Kindle Fire (I’m in book #3, Mockingjay) and get working.

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