My Blood Sugar Experiment

So, I was thinking…why am I always craving carbs and sugar? So I got the impulse to buy a glucose monitor. My 12 hr fasting blood sugar was 72 and my after meal number was 89. Of course, this is just one day but I think it is safe to say I don’t have a blood sugar regulation problem. I will monitor a few more times this week, but I won’t bother taking any more blood sugar formulas. I actually expected it to be lower, I am always reading about people with reactive hypoglycemia. So, for now I will blame either serotonin or candida. I can scan myself with my biofeedback machine and check both, but considering my face broke out into some kind of strange rash the last few days, I’m going to take Kyolic 102 and 103 as a precaution for candida overgrowth. Formula 102 is considered the Candida formula it contains ginger along with a big dose of garlic, but Formula 103 also has oregano, olive leaf, and some mushrooms, so I will take that one too. Health is kind of like finances, it is always something.

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