The ongoing cycle

Yesterday’s Weigh-In: 169.5 lbs.

I should have been disappointed, but honestly I was elated. After all of the food I have been eating the past three weeks, I am lucky I haven’t crept back to the 170s, frankly I was expecting it. Unfortunately, I cannot blame the 4 lbs on water weight. I weighed in at Curves today and my body fat % has increased 1.2%. YIKES! All of my measurements have increased. All of my clothes have been snugger, I knew things haven’t been going well. Guess this was a good kick in the pants. If anyone ever asks what my talent is, I will answer “gaining weight”.

I went to Publix tonight and bought some frozen vegetables and some fish. I bought a huge bag of frozen chicken breasts Tuesday night in anticipation of a bad weigh in this week. Back to chicken, fish, and vegetables. I am currently shopping for some discipline on Ebay and Craigslist, because I clearly need some. In the event I don’t find any for sale, I’ll just have to weigh myself every morning as motivation. I would like to see the 150s before Thanksgiving. That’s my goal. Maybe I could wear my size 8 Old Navy Jeans that won’t zip now…that would be nice.

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