The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

I am very confident to almost certain I passed my AFAA Group Exercise exam yesterday. I was buggin’ because I didn’t finish my study guide until Saturday night (around 11 pm) in my hotel room. But alas, the exam was pretty straight forward and most of the questions were easy, just a few tricky ones. The practical exam was actually far more stressful. Long day, I got there at 8:30 and didn’t finish up til 6:30.  And then the three hour drive back home from Birmingham. But a satisfying drive home it was.

The Bad

Zumba. Last week was an all-time low. No Monday class due to Labor Day, two people on Tuesday, zero on Thursday, and one on Friday. Then to top off the week I messed up four of my five routines at the Zumbathon. I was pretty disappointed with my performance overall. Hopefully things will look up this week, as my new Zumba job starts tomorrow. I will still be teaching at Curves but now I will be teaching a one hour Zumba only class at a real gym. Expectations are we will add an additional class on Thursday evenings in a few weeks.

The Ugly

Today’s weigh-in: 169.0 lbs.

Why? How? My best guess (other than the obvious eating too much and too little exercise) is dairy and carbs. I have been eating a lot of yogurt and some gluten free mozzarella sticks I recently discovered. Additionally, trying to follow the T plan I bought some LF Lactose Free Organic Milk for protein shakes. Clearly I am not doing well on the dairy. So, I will cut that out this week and see if that makes a difference. And I have overdosed on raw coconut macaroons and pecans so those need to go, too. I won’t panic since I am known to gain 2-5 lbs from incorrect foods with all of my food sensitivities. I may have to cut the eggs out too, but I will see. I will be weighing myself everyday this week.

In other news…

The Zumba Basic 2 training I wanted to go to in Atlanta is sold out. I am not bummed though. For starters, I am missing two Sundays this month already (AFAA training yesterday and Zumba Toning training 9/25). Missing another Sunday next month is probably not a good idea. Secondly, after driving to Birmingham this week, a 3.5 hr drive to Atlanta isn’t appealing. Besides, the consensus on Basic 2 training is to wait at least six months after Basic 1 training anyway and October 30 would be just four months for me. I am perfectly happy to wait until a closer one comes along and I still need to master the four steps I learned in B1.

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